Ep.5/Ch. 2: Gathering Storm

We have a complete series of guides to help you with Aunt Arctic’s Adventures on Club Penguin Island and this is episode 5 of chapter two, Gathering Storm.

Our video (courtesy of our partnership with MysteriousAeon) and our step-by-step guides should help you complete the adventure quickly and easily to get some special rewards!


Step 1:

Listen to Aunt Arctic and Rookie. It will be revealed that Herbert has attacked the Lifeguard Base. Head to Coconut Cove and go straight to the Lifeguard Base.

Step 2:

Speak to Jet Pack Guy and Aunt Arctic. Then head to the Sea Caves to gather 6 sponges. These are located on the left of the Race Course entrance arch, beneath the Party Sub or on the right of the Shallow Area. Swim to them and tap the orange interactive button, before reporting back to the Lifeguard Station.

Step 3:

Aunt Arctic will ask you to gather driftwood. There are five piles located:

  • Next to buoy 2
  • On the island with the bouncy mat
  • Underneath the Shark Arch (also known as the Jawbone)
  • On the second step up the waterfall
  • By the entrance to the Sea Caves

Collect them by tapping the orange interactive button and go back to the Lifeguard station.

Step 4:

Open your inventory (green party hat button) – gear – Jackhammer to equip your Jackhammer. Drill by the Lifeguard Tower.

Step 5:

Put the glass back together so that it looks like this.

Step 6:

Waddle back over to the Exchange in Beacon Boardwalk. Rookie will..uhh…announce that the Hot Sauce was stolen. Listen to Aunt Arctic and Rookie then claim your reward!

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