Ep. 4/Ch. 2: Icy Inflation

This is a guide for Episode 4 of Chapter 2 of Aunt Arctic’s Adventures: Icy Inflation. We have a video (courtesy of MysteriousAeon) along with individual steps to help you complete this mission!

Step 1:

Listen to Aunt Arctic’s orders and waddle over to Dot. She is at the Lifeguard Stand in Coconut Cove. Listen to her and collect your Xpedition tube.

Step 2:

Open your Gear inventory – tubes – Xpedition and wear the Xpedition tube. You will then go to Herbert’s Base.

Step 3:

Open “My Style” and wear some clothes that are white. Then sneak past the cameras.

Step 4:

Getting past these cameras are hard to explain. Run through the first camera when it’s looking away. Then run through the second camera when both are looking away. Then run through the third camera when all three are facing the wall.

Step 5:

Herbert will speak! Under orders from Aunt Arctic, waddle over to the red screen and tap the orange interactive button. You will then need to complete another puzzle. Do so in this order:

Dark Blue Square:

  • Go up

Light Green Circle:

  • Go right
  • Go up
  • Go left

Dark Blue Square:

  • Go right
  • Go up
  • Go left
  • Go down

Light Green Circle:

  • Go down

The weapon will now be disabled and Herbert will come outside.

Step 6:

Dot will have fireworks explode and you will hide in the time that will happen. Now you must evacuate but lasers will make it hard.

Step 7:

You still need to get through the cameras again but this time you need to jump over the lasers. This is hard to explain, just make sure the cameras aren’t looking at you and you don’t step on the lasers.

Step 8:

Make sure you are wearing your white outfit and waddle to the Dock. Put on your tube and go into the water to be returned to Club Penguin Island.

Step 9:

Dot and Aunt Arctic will congratulate you. Once they do, you can claim your reward as you have completed the adventure!

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