Ep 1. Drop In

Rookie has some new adventures for us to complete on Club Penguin Island and we have a step-by-step tutorial as well as a video (courtesy of our partnership with the awesome MysteriousAeon) to help you help Rookie!

Step 1:

Listen to Rookie and how he wants to win the Pick of the Year award. He will instruct you to waddle over to the CPSN booth. Do so.

Step 2:

Waddle to the camera and tap the orange interactive button. Then tap any blue button on the bottom right hand corner to film Rookie.

Step 3:

Listen to Rookie, waddle over to the cannon and tap the orange interactive button. Now waddle over to Crate & Co. which is by the entrance to Mt. Blizzard. An arrow will direct you there.

Step 4:

Now follow the arrow to the Snowmelt Shop. Once there, buy a “Hot Cocoa” though you don’t need to actually drink it.

Step 5:

Now follow the arrow pass the Rapids to the Campsite. Rookie will be waiting for you there and suddenly…Jet Pack Guy will appear! Listen to them speak.

Step 6:

Collect the pieces which fell. These are located:

  • By the Crate & Co. machine
  • Where the Blue Pom Poms are when you finish Sled Racing
  • Where you finish Sled Racing (X3)
  • On the bridge between Crate & Co. and the Snowmelt Shop
  • By the Snowmelt Shop (X2)

To pick everything up, just tap the orange interactive button then tap the collect button when all have been collected.

Step 7:

Take the cannon back up to the Mountain. Waddle back to where Rookie is standing and speak to him.

Step 8:

Waddle to the broken pieces of Rookie’s House. Go into your inventory, gear, jackhammer and tap the blue buttons on the bottom right hand of your screen.

Step 9:

Rookie will encourage you and give you a reward! You have completed his first adventure, congratulations! I hope this guide helped!

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