Ep. 2: Fixer Upper

In Rookie’s second adventure, Fixer Upper, we need to make Mt. Blizzard look new and improved for the Tubing Life Magazine!

We’ve got a step-by-step guide and a video (courtesy of MysteriousAeon) to help you complete this adventure! Let’s get started!

Note: You may need Choklidum that’s not been harvested yet to complete this adventure as many are reporting that sometimes it doesn’t reset.

Step 1:

Listen to Rookie and Jet Pack Guy speak and argue. Rookie will ask you to fix what Jet Pack Guy said he’s done wrong.

Step 2:

You need to pick up three choklidium and three chuggable cheese items.

Choklidium is located:

  • Behind the CPSN booth
  • On the left at the bottom of the climbing wall up the mountain
  • By the sign to the tube races

Chuggable cheese is located:

  • At the Rescue Hut, by the Lifeguard Kit
  • By the cocoa cup near the Snowmelt Shop
  • At the Crate & Co.

Step 3:

Take the cannon back up the Mountain and talk to Rookie again. He will play some new music and then Gary will appear! Listen t them speak.

Step 4:

Rookie will now delete all the music tracks. Collect the “Auto-Warbler 3000” from Gary.

Step 5:

Now head to the Stage in Coconut Cove. Waddle over to the keytar and tap the orange interactive button. Then play five notes by tapping the blue buttons at the bottom right hand corner five times.

Step 6:

Collect the full Auto-Warbler 3000 then return to Rookie by going back to Mt. Blizzard and taking the cannon back up the mountain. Rookie will also be humming a quality tune.

Step 7:

Speak to Rookie and he will load in the new music for you.. Gary will now present to you the new Jet Tube and Rookie will be desperate to test it out!

Step 8:

Claim your reward! I hope that this tutorial helped, thank you for reading!

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