Ep. 3: Tubular Tech

Rookie is taking the new “Jet Tube” for a spin, but what trouble could this land him in? We’ve got a tutorial and a video (courtesy of MysteriousAeon) for episode 3 of Rookie’s Adventures, Tubular Tech!

Step 1:

Listen to Rookie talking about the Jet Tube…until he will fall out off his tube! You will need to find the tube so head to Beacon Boardwalk.

Step 2:

Once in Beacon Boardwalk, waddle to the Wish Squid Fountain which is by the waterslide. The Jet Tube will take off again.

Step 3:

Follow the tube into Coconut Cove. Once there, head to the tree by the Zipline on the far right of the area. The tube will be on the pine tree there.

Step 4:

Surprise! The Jet Tube has taken off…again! Head to Mt. Blizzard to try to retrieve it again. Once there, head back up to the mountain to return to Rookie’s Hut.

Step 5:

Gary will suddenly tell you to extinguish the engines! Do this by throwing six snowballs at the tube.

Step 6:

Waddle over to the lift and tap the orange interactive button. You need to solve a puzzle. The solution looks like this! Simply drag the elastic bands over the gears like in the image below.

Step 7:

Listen to Rookie thanking you and once again, choosing to stick with his original decision.. Jet Pack Guy will also appear and will begin a safety check.

Step 8:

Claim your reward! I hope that this guide helped, thank you for reading!

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