Ep. 4: Safety First

Rookie is on a mission to make Mt. Blizzard as safe as possible and he needs your help! We’ve got a video and a guide to help you with episode 4 of Rookie’s Adventures, Safety First!

Step 1:

Listen to Rookie and Jet Pack Guy review the Safety Inspection…it seems Rookie has messed up again and he needs your help!

Step 2:

Go back down to the village and waddle over to bridge. Go into my inventory – gear – jackhammer and waddle over to each ice piece, then tap the drill button at the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Step 3:

Find all the Lifeguard kits and tap the orange interactive button when next to them. These are:

  • South of the Mosaic
  • By the tube conveyor belt
  • By the cannon up to the Mountain
  • On top of the closed door
  • By the Yeti Footprints

Step 4:

Return to where the Rescue Kit is and place them there.

Step 5:

Now had towards to the trappers, which is where you finish Sled Racing. Gary will warn you those plants are evil and need food.

Step 6:

Head to the Fishing Spot in Beacon Boardwalk and fish up three fluffies. You will need to cast your line three times to do this.

Step 7:

Collect thee fishes and head back to the Trappers in Beacon Boardwalk. They will each eat a fish and fall asleep. Simply waddle by each trapper and tap the orange interactive button.

Step 8:

Return back to the top of the mountain to where Rookie is. Rookie will be upset but then Jet Pack Guy will return to give Rookie hope!

Step 9:

Claim your reward! I hope this guide helped, thank you for reading! Waddle on!

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