Ep. 5: Special Delivery

Rookie is on a mission to make Mt. Blizzard as safe as possible and he needs your help! We’ve got a video and a guide to help you with episode 5 of Rookie’s Adventures, Special Delivery! I’d like to give a huge thanks to MysteriousAeon for the video guide!

Step 1:

Listen to Rookie and Gary before learning about the collision course! Head to Gary’s telescope on the left side of Mt. Blizzard.

Step 2:

Go inside the door and you will be able to look through the telescope. You will see three flying crates that are going to miss the station!

Step 3:

The crates will land scattered across the island, and you’ll need to unlock them! Waddle up to the crate on the bridge and take out your Jackhammer by going to My Inventory – Gear and then drilling.

Step 4:

Collect all eight clocks by waddling up to them and tapping them with the orange interactive button. They are located:

  • At the campsite
  • On the tree on the way down from the Campsite
  • Next to Gary’s Lab
  • On the statue
  • By the Crate & Co. station
  • In between the blue and red screen where the Sled Racing tracks end
  • By the Snowmelt Shop
  • By the climbing wall on the left

Step 5:

Waddle over to the second crate. Drill it open, then jump on the anvil four times.

Step 6:

Open the final crate on the centre of the mosaic. Crabs will go everywhere. Waddle up to each crabs and use the pink emoji with the crown to scare them. There are four groups scattered across the area.

Step 7:

Waddle over to the bridge as Rookie will say he made another mistake…but it was just to thank you! You will win Pick of the Week and all of the mascots will come and celebrate! Thank you very much for reading, I hope that this guide helped!

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