Exploring the Puffle Wilds

The Puffle Wilds are a fascinating aspect of Club Penguin, simply because of how they evolved. It started with a simple app in 2014, but it wasn’t a great success; it never launched on Android, and was ended a year later.

I thought it was quite unfair that it never reached the success or attention which other Club Penguin apps, such as Sled Racer, did. It was a regular “match 3” puzzle game, but some of the artwork in it was spectacular.

Taken from Emily Mullock’s portfolio

The unique element to the app was that as levels were completed, it became possible to unlock puffles, which could then be adopted in the actual online game. It sounds like a cool concept!

In reality, it sadly wasn’t as popular at the time; a lot of people didn’t favour the new “types” of puffles which the game brought. They introduced a variety of puffles, including the deer, rabbit and raccoon puffles. Many just preferred the usual colour puffles.

Taken from Craig Voight’s portfolio

A few months after the app, the Puffle Wild appeared on the island itself as a room. It allowed people to adopt puffle creatures, and a quest was involved, in which penguins learnt more about a new mascot: Sam the Sasquatch.

Sam went on to make numerous visits on the island, and even got a background.

So that’s a brief story of the Puffle Wilds and their impact! It started with an app, and ended up with a mysterious Sasquatch. It’s a shame it never was so popular though – I’d recommend checking out some of the artwork online, it’s quite beautiful!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

CP Island: Puffle Wilds Concept & Cafe

It’s been a while since I’ve caught up with some of the latest Club Penguin Island news, I apologise for this! Please note that all information in this post is unofficial unless stated otherwise.

Today I want to share with you some unofficial pictures and information about future updates. Let’s start with an extremely realistic looking concept of the Puffle Wilds, kindly shared to me by Flippy!

This is a concept that could be for Club Penguin, but it looks to be very much in the Island style, as well as there being interactive items. It looks incredible, even showcasing a design of puffles! This is just an early concept, but we can see an area similar to the Puffle Park and lots of stores!

You might be wondering that this could just be a brilliant fan-art, but there is more proof to suggest a Puffle Forest like the one above! This screenshot below is from the files and kindly provided to me MrKcyre mentions a few buildings, include a puffleForest.

This also suggests it is highly likely a Puffle Forest will come in the future! However, you may be wondering about some of the other items on there! For example, the Cafe. This is likely what the Cafe will seem like, shared to me by MrKcyre. It has the same sort of feel to the buildings in the concept image!

The other building is Rory’s Furniture Sign! It seems that the beloved builder from classic Club Penguin, Rory, will finally be making his return to our new island! This has been rumoured for a while, but now there is even more evidence to suggest this!

That’s some very exciting information in this post, especially relating to the new area! I’d like to give a huge thank you to Flippy and MrKcyre for the images in this post! Please remember that none of the information here is officially confirmed.

Thank you for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126