CP Rewritten: Easter Egg Hunt & Earth Day (Full Guide)

The Earth Day Party and Easter Egg Hunt has begun now on Club Penguin Rewritten, offering a variety of items such as animal costumes, a scavenger hunt, facts on animals and more!

It is not known which/if mascots will visit for these events yet.

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CP Rewritten Times: Issue #102 – Sensei’s Special Announcement

A new edition of the Club Penguin Rewritten Times has been released, containing information on the events over this week along with foreshadowing an announcement from Sensei!

For the best experience, I would recommend reading the paper for yourself online but as always I will try to summarise all of the news revealed.

This paper revealed:

  • Earth Day is going to begin later today, offering a variety of new and old animal costumes and designed to promote awareness
  • An Easter Egg Hunt so also begin later today, with a special prize available for finding all eggs
  • A new pin will be released on April 25th
  • A new edition of the Penguin Style will be released on May 2nd
  • Sensei will be delivering a “big/special announcement” in the next edition of the newspaper, on April 24th

I’m curious as to what the announcement by Sensei could be! Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest news and guides.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

CP Rewritten: Earth Day 2018 – FULL GUIDE

This event has now concluded

The Earth Day Party is currently on at Club Penguin Rewritten, but it is a one day event! There are lots of cool costumes, items and things to explore, and this guide will offer demonstrations for everything!

Across the island, there are locations themed around animals where you can buy their costume. Although it says that they cost 50 coins, there currently is a bug where it costs 400 coins. (Thank you to PlanetPuffle for reminding me of this)

The Snow Leopard Costume can be purchased at the Snow Forts by clicking the box at the bottom.

The African Painted Dog Costume can be purchased at the Dock by clicking the sign near Hydro Hopper.

You can obtain the Outback Exploring Hat for free in a box located at the Plaza.

The Forest has also received some decorations, and a new pin has been hidden on the island which you can read about here! However, this concludes all the new items at the event.

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126