CP Rewritten: Warehouse Igloo & June Igloo Music

A new Igloo Upgrades catalog has been released on Club Penguin Rewritten, containing several igloos, including a new one!

This month, you can purchase the “Warehouse Igloo” for 950 coins! If you have an error purchasing it, clear your cache and it should be resolved, as there was an issue when the catalog first came out (but this has now been fixed).

As usual, there are no new secrets in the catalog, but there is the normal secret on the Floor Removal Service page. Click the little wrench thing in the top right corner to unlock the Secret Stone Igloo for 2000 coins.

Some cool new music themed for the Music Jam (which starts on the 20th June) is now available, along with Medieval Party and Puffle Party music!

You can find all this by editing your igloo, and the furniture catalog secrets for this month can be found here. Thank you very much for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


CP Rewritten: October Music List Update

Some new spooky tracks are available to play in your igloo! The Music List has been updated this month, containing a lot of Halloween related tracks. Here’s the new list!

There are also new prizes at the Fair, which you can read more about here as well as a new catalog which you learn more about here! If you aren’t seeing any of the updates, be sure to clear your cache! There are some really cool new tracks this month, so definitely check them out! A new igloo catalog is released on October 11th.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

CP Rewritten: August Igloo Music List

The Music List for your igloo has been updated! If you don’t see it, you should clear your cache, but this is what the new updated list looks like!

My personal favourite out of this list are the tracks “Pop Song” and “Brown Puffle Lab”. Not only do they sound the coolest, but many members of the community believe that the Brown Puffle Lab soundtrack suggests that the Wilderness Expedition is even more likely to return, since we were able to explore this room during the party.

This month has a whole load in store for us and I do like the new music list! In case you missed it, a new igloo and furniture catalog will be available on August 9th. Thank you very much for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126