CP Rewritten: Paychecks Distributed

For the first time on Club Penguin Rewritten, paychecks are being distributed monthly for EPF agents and tour guides!

At the start of each month, you’ll receive a postcard informing you of the coins added to your account. If you’re an EPF agent, it’s 350 coins, and it’s 250 coins for being a Tour Guide or PSA agent. You can be all three and get three paychecks!

Above is the paycheck for being a PSA agent, but I’d highly recommend becoming all three! Thank you for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


CP Rewritten Times: Issue #94 – Paychecks

A new edition of the Club Penguin Rewritten Times has been released, focusing mainly on the Underwater Expedition which has been released but also on paychecks!

For the best experience, I would recommend checking the paper out for yourself online.

This paper reveals:

  • Paychecks for jobs such as being a tour guide or EPF agent (400 coins each) will start from March 1st
  • New Penguin Mail has been released and the Underwater Expedition has started
  • On February 28th, a new Penguin Style and pin will be released

Thank you for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126