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    Flippr 2018: An Introduction & An Interview

    Flippr is an upcoming CPPS, created by a talented person who has made beautiful rooms. It’s expected to release sometime in the summer, and there is a highly likely chance that I will be both playing and blogging about it.

    UPDATE: In January 2019, Flippr announced it was returning, however the following post is outdated. A shift in management has been made, and I do not condone, support or endorse the return.

    UPDATE: On July 3rd, it was sadly confirmed that the Flippr relaunch has been cancelled. This post will serve as an archive, but here is the official statement from the owner.

    “Flippr is the art of new Club Penguin mixed with the spirit of old Club Penguin”

    -Sandor, owner of Flippr

    Sandor kindly offered me the opportunity to ask him a few questions so we can understand what to expect with Flippr, however I would like to show you some of his recent work!

    One of his latest projects was redesigning the entire island with rooms from Operation Blackout. All of them are heavily custom and unique, whilst still looking absolutely incredible and creating the same feel as Operation Blackout did!

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    Another absolutely incredible project by Sandor from late 2016 was designing the entire island in celebration of the Music Jam, with completely custom and unique rooms, then uploading it onto a simulation!

    It isn’t a private server as you don’t even need to register, but you’re able to check out all the amazing rooms to truly get an idea of Sandor’s talent. You can view the simulation here.

    Having seen some of his designs, I hope you’ll be interested in checking out Flippr when it releases, but I’m sure there’s a lot more you would like to know about the server! I hope that this interview with Sandor, the owner/main designer of the game, will be informative.

    Q1. Which “era” will Flippr be set in? (eg. Old/new artstyle, CPI, combination of “eras” etc.)
    A. So I always work in new art style, and that continues here. You’ll find it matches the Pirate Party 2014 / Inside Out Party style best, because that’s the specific art era we’re going for. As far as other things, imagine the ideas that might have come in 2013/2014, with the spirit of 2007-2010 CP.

    Pirate Party 2014 – Cove

    Q2. Will Flippr be family friendly and will it have methods to ensure that the island remains family friendly, such as filters?
    A. Absolutely. Flippr is awesome in that in does have such a large audience – some very young people play it, as well as some original CP fans that are a bit older. We haven’t nailed down precisely what the system will be, but we’ll definitely have room for both. It’ll probably take the form of an “adult” server and a “G-rated” server, where users can choose their experience.

    Q3. What kind of update schedule will Flippr have? (eg. Weekly/bi-weekly/monthly updates)
    A. We’re definitely looking to have weekly updates, at least via the newspaper and some other features. Bigger things, like parties, are going to be mainly on a monthly basis, with a few months having only miniparties because of real life time constraints.

    Original Flippr newspaper from 2016

    Q4. Can we expect a significant amount of custom content?
    A. Absolutely. Flippr is, at its core, very much about design. I’ve definitely toned things down a bit over the years – the changes are more stylistic than gimmicky at this point. I think you’ll find that while quantitatively there may be less custom pieces, they’re going to be a lot higher quality.

    Q5. Will there be catalogs that are regularly updated and will they be custom?
    A. Yes and yes. Just like last time, clothing and furniture catalogs will update each month, and feature a combination of custom and classic items. There will also be some custom catalogs which don’t update regularly, like the pet catalog and the game upgrades catalog.

    Q6. Will Flippr have features such as name glows, chat bubble colours or options similar to this? Similar to this, will Flippr have commands, such as to allow any player to add any clothing item or furniture item?
    A. It hasn’t been decided every feature which will and won’t be in the game. We always listen to fan input, so features that a lot of people request do definitely have a chance of being placed in. That being said, I think that name glows and chat colours do sacrifice some of the game’s quality and are therefore unlikely. Adding clothing and furniture will definitely be present in some form tho, if not by command then by a massive catalog.

    Q7. Will Flippr have mascots and stamps?
    A. Yes! Less mascots than last time but more stamps.

    Garianna – a mascot on the original Flippr

    Recently, there’s been a lot of issues regarding private servers about security, especially with an increase of hacks and database breaches. Security is an issue which I personally take into huge consideration when playing a server, especially if I decide to write about it on this blog, as well as ensuring the server has a trustworthy team. You can view some of my tips on this here.

    With this issue being so prevalent in the community, I asked Sandor who will be on the administrative team, how secure Flippr will be to avoid issues like this, as well as if Flippr had any previous issues involving safety/security when it was originally open.

    Yes, it was highly publicised that the last iteration of Flippr went down in flames, due to a security incident not unlike the ones that have befell other servers lately.

    While I’m not saying quite yet who’s on the administrative team, what I can say is that security has been at the forefront since this new version came into development. That means developing safe code to avoid literal hacks, but also safe policies to prevent incidents. We’re working hard to combine these into an effective security strategy that we will gladly be transparent about in time.

    Another question which I had was how Flippr would differ itself from the other custom private servers currently out there. SuperCPPS currently offers beautiful custom content, and Pengur will do so too when it releases later this year.

    Considering that there’s been an increase in less-established private servers being created after the closure of Club Penguin Rewritten, but closing very shortly after their launch, I was also wondering how Flippr would differ from this.

    Right, so I there are definitely other awesome servers out there doing a great job, but what makes Flippr different is the vision. We care a great deal about consistency, and being true to what classic Club Penguin was – not making a joke out of it or trying to emulate its successor. As far as longevity, I think this time around we’re just a bit more realistic about all of our plans and capacities.

    Finally, I was curious on the estimated release for Flippr, especially considering that there has been a large desire for a safe and beautiful server with an active community. So far, it seems that the release is planned for ideally around summer.

    We’re definitely looking to release this summer. In reality, it could be earlier, but I’d rather give time and launch as a surprise than have to delay. You can expect plenty of sneak peaks and behind the scenes both on my Twitter and on our new Discord server.

    I’m truly grateful to be able to have the opportunity to speak with Sandor regarding this issue and thank him for this interview. For now, Flippr is simply a forum which you can view here.

    I am excited to see the future of Flippr! As for whether or not I will be blogging about it, the answer is I’m not entirely sure yet. I will likely be doing so, but I can’t guarantee the answer just yet.

    Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

    -Torres 126

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    Community Profile: Interview with Echo006, Blogs, Dadted, Pup1one, Penny2415, Sandor, #CPUnited

    Welcome to the first ever Club Penguin community post as part of Club Penguin Mountains’ monthly community profile series! We’ve got an exclusive interview with Echo006, some awesome artwork by Penny2415 and Sandor, blog posts, videos and way more! Every month, I’m going to be speaking to different people and hopefully we could feature some really awesome stuff! Before I begin, I’d like to welcome everyone to send in anything which they might like featured in this post. Without further ado, let’s get into this post!


    In our community, there’s no shortage of great artists. So our first ever artwork to be featured in this Community Profile Series is from an amazing artist known as Penny2415.

    Hey guys, so at first glance of my art you may notice a red penguin with a jet pack and wonder is that jet pack guy? The answer is yes, I just like to draw him with hair lol. I mainly just draw Penny and jpg, you may notice I like to draw gore and glowing effects on things. Well I don’t know what else to say so I guess that’s it. Enjoy browsing through some of my pieces!

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that this artwork is amazing. Penny is also hosting a contest where you could get your very own drawing by writing a short Halloween Story. The details can be found on her social media accounts. These are only some of her pieces so if you’d like to see more of her artwork, be sure to support her on DeviantArt! You can also subscribe to her to see speed-artworks and follow her on Twitter!

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    Penny’s DeviantArt: http://penny2415.deviantart.com/

    This week, I want to feature another amazing artist, and focus on his latest project. His name is Sandor, and you may recognise his name as the owner of the CPPS, Flippr. I’d like to share with you his Music Jam which he created. In my opinion, it’s better than Club Penguin’s work!

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    If that isn’t good enough for you, the above is only four rooms. Sandor literally re-created the ENTIRE island and made it into a simulation which you can view on his website. I would highly recommend you spend a few minutes touring his island by going to his website as it’s absolutely amazing. I believe that he’s also working on some more parties, so be sure to check him out on social media too!

    [twitter-follow screen_name=’cpc_customs’ show_count=’yes’]

    The Music Jam: http://clubpenguincustoms.com/new/music-jam/

    On a smaller note, I’d like to thank DjSpinner13 and Bluey1709 for making some logos for me! I find these really awesome, and I’d like to give them a massive thank you for creating them! You may recognise them from the website, but now you know who made them!

    Created by Bluey1709
    Created by Bluey1709
    Created by DjSpinner13
    Created by DjSpinner13

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    There are many talented players in our community, including video-makers! Now, some of you know that a very popular Club Penguin YouTuber is going to stop making CP videos soon, which is really sad. However, at the time of you reading this, he would have made his final video. For now, I can only show you the 13 second trailer of Pup1one’s “Goodbye, Hello”.


    I would highly reccommend you to check out Pup1one’s channel. I’ve made a few posts about him before, and I really love his videos, particularly his Grey Puffle video. I’m sure that you will too! It’s a shame that he’s stopping his channel, but I wish him all the best of luck in the future.

    [twitter-follow screen_name=’Pup1one’ show_count=’yes’]





    On the topic of trailers, I’d like to share another trailer created by Blue21102, who has created some amazing productions such as “Hermit” and “The Phone Call”. You may have seen those in my DVD, but I suspect that this video will be his masterpiece! Judging from the trailer, it seems amazing!

    Whilst we have to “stay tuned” for his next video, he already has some great content on both his blog and his YouTube channel, so go check him out!

    [twitter-follow screen_name=’Blue21102′ show_count=’yes’]




    Blue’s Blog: https://bluesblogcp.wordpress.com/


    Our next video comes from another large Club Penguin YouTuber with over 600 subscribers! Around a month ago, Dadted made a new series called “The Club Penguin Show”. It’s a bit like “The Spoiler Alert” and I’m sure that there will be many more episodes in the future. For now, here is Dadted’s first episode!

    I think that this idea is really awesome, and I’m surprised no one thought about it before! It’s a great way for people to have fun, and I’m excited to see what the rest of the show has in store for us!


    There are so many amazing blogs in this community and I think it would take many months, if not, years until I cover all the amazing blogs in this series. So, instead I’ve decided to do something different. I’m going to feature a few of my favourite Club Penguin blog posts which I have read this month. If you’re interested, you can check out the rest of their content!

    Now, I’ve kept this post a bit secret and as such, I can’t really have people send in their blog posts…but now I can! If you’re interested, please do send in your blog posts which you find interesting! Click the computer screen to read the original post! 


    There is some controversy surrounding this post by Riyita on Club Penguin Space, however I like it. He’s highlighted what we want to see this Holiday Party and I’m sure a lot of us secretly agree with his opinions. The fact that he is such a large blogger makes it more likely that the team will listen to him. I mean, I made a post requesting that the team returns the Holiday Party Train from 2013 but I doubt they’ll listen to me.

    The fact that Riyita has put all of the community’s thoughts into one post for the team to see is the reason why I am featuring it!


    Blue21102 is one of my favourite bloggers, and his most recent post is amazing, like all his posts. I think the idea of “Top 10 Memories” is so simple, but Blue has some great ones. I don’t really one to spoil it, but make sure you check out that post, along with the rest of The Blue Blog!

    Community Event (#CPUnited):

    Every week, at 9pm (UK time), dozens of players attend Club Penguin United, which is a themed meet-up. These events are HUGE throughout the community and sometimes even moderators attend! I would highly reccommend you attending one. It takes place on Monday at 9pm on the server Marshmallow. You can see theme details on their Twitter account! Just check out these screenshots, given to me by one of the hosts, Echo006!

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    [twitter-follow screen_name=’CPUnitedTeam’ show_count=’yes’]

    And talking about CPUnited, I’ve spoken to Echo006, who is one of the hosts of this event. I’ve asked him a few questions, and he’s even shared some exclusive information about an upcoming theme. So let’s all thank Echo!

    1. 2016 has been a year hated by many players in the community, including myself. It’s a time of uncertainty for Club Penguin, leading up to #ProjectSuperSecret. What are your thoughts regarding this?

    As I’ve said many times in tweets regarding #ProjectSuperSecret, I am trying to be very optimistic about the future. At first, it was devastating to hear the news that our penguins and all our coins, igloos, puffles, items and stamps wouldn’t be transferred over. But I have come to realise that change is good and for anything to evolve, adapt and stay alive, it needs to change to its environment. Club Penguin is trying to do exactly this. They have recognised that flash games are dying and that flash CP won’t be sustainable anymore, and so are experimenting with newer things, such as Project Super Secret! I definitely think that moving away from desktop and onto apps is a good thing for Club Penguin, but I would be very upset if the desktop version of Club Penguin was shut down, as it has been a part of my life for so long! As for 2016 as a year on Club Penguin, it has been very different to normal years. The parties have been very basic, with little questlines and extremely long. I believe parties should be two weeks, to keep everybody interested and entertained. 6 week parties are boring and tiresome. I don’t even enjoy playing Club Penguin while the Frozen takeover is on. It’s not fun and it’s simply boring. Even Megg knows this. However, I completely understand why Club Penguin are reusing old parties and extending the time on them. It’s because their whole focus has shifted onto Project Super Secret. They’ve realised that flash CP is going to end sooner or later and they have to push forwards and get Project Super Secret released smoothly and quickly, so they have devoted more time to the app than they have to designing new party rooms and items. It’s a shame the Halloween Party and Holiday Party will mostly use rooms from last year, but I’m perfectly okay with this if Project Super Secret really is worth it!

    2. How has Club Penguin impacted your life?

    Club Penguin has impacted my life in so many different ways. I have been playing it for 8 and a half years now, and I have watched it grow and become an amazing place to hangout. Club Penguin taught me how to type, got me interested in computers and gave me access to Social Media. I made everlasting friendships on Club Penguin and I have become a well-known player amongst the community! I love chatting and talking to people on Twitter, and Club Penguin has definitely become a part of my daily-life. I used to blog about Club Penguin for 2 years and had an amazing experience. And now, we are attempting to unite the community in our weekly meetups, #CPUnited. My life definitely wouldn’t be the same with Club Penguin.

    3. If you were in charge of Club Penguin, what do you do?

    If I was in charge of Club Penguin, I would make lots of changes. Firstly, I would change the rules regarding how the staff can interactive with the community and players. I feel that often we are not listened to, and our ideas are not heard or expressed. Luckily, we are very fortunate to have Megg as community manager who does listen and has returned many things that we want, like the Music Jam! I would also ensure that parties were NOT 6 weeks long, and that new interactive content was released every week, not every 2 weeks. I would definitely hide the pins in more obscure places, as well as improving the stability of the Club Penguin app!

    4. Could you tell us more about #CPUnited?

    #CPUnited is an amazing community project that involves the whole community and bringing everyone together. The sole purpose of #CPUnited is to unite the community and the servers! We wanted to bring a unique and different twist to Club Penguin meetups, and so we decided that our meetups would be different. They would have different themes every week. We’ve had a complete range of activities and every week is unique! The project was thought up by myself, Pingu15cool, Waddles4g1 and Kannoo2! We run the @CPUnitedTeam Twitter account and host weekly parties on Marshmallow at 1pm PST! Our meetups are loved by the whole community and everybody gets involved with roleplay and enjoying the activities. It is a truly magical experience where everybody gets together and has so much fun! And, I can exclusively reveal here on CPMountains, that after this week’s meetup Ghosts vs Zombies, we will be having a Candy Scavenger Hunt theme for Halloween on October 9th!!

    5. Is there anything else you would like to say?

    I would like to say thank you for everyone reading this interview! (I know it’s quite long!) I hope you learnt a lot about what I think of the amazing community and the wonderful game, Club Penguin. I’d like to say a huge shoutout to the #CPUnited team, and if you haven’t been to our events yet, you really should! Thank you everyone for making this possible, and everyone who follows me on Twitter, @Echo006, you are all awesome!


    Wow! I’d like to give a really MASSIVE thank you to Echo006 for allowing me to interview him! Every month, I’m going to aim to interview a member of this community. I think it’s awesome that Echo agreed to this one! Make sure to follow him and the rest of the #CPUnited team provided you do have a Twitter account.
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    To conclude, this has been an awesome post to make! It’s over 2100 words, but most of that was taken up by other people, which is what I’m really trying to do! I hope that there are many more of these in the future because there are so any people who I would like to feature. Thank you to everyone who is featured in this post and thank you for reading! 🙂

    Waddle on!