How To Adopt A Dino Puffle + Prehistoric Party Guide

Updated: How to get a yellow Dino Puffle (26th January 2014)

Hi Guys,

Today I will show you a guide to the Prehistoric Party and I will show you how to adopt your very own Dino Puffle! If you want to learn how you must continue reading!

How to get a Blue Dino Puffle

You must first waddle in to the Time Trekker at the Snow Forts.

IN IN INYou should then be transported into a room where you’ll be talked to. Here is the room.

In in in

Once you are in that room you must go into another room by waddling to the side.


Once you are in the room you shall get some more messages. Simply accept them all and then find a place where you can play Dino Dig!

This is how Dino Dig should look like:Dino Dig

Once you have started playing you must try hard to find an egg! I was lucky enough to find a blue egg! That means I can get a blue Dino Puffle. Here is what will appear if you have found an egg during the game:


When you click “ok” you will get another message if you found an egg.


To get rid of this message click “UGG UGG”.

Your egg will appear then you must click equip.

In order to turn your egg into an actual puffle you must go to the Volcano. Here is how it looks on the map:


Here is what will appear when you’re at the Volcano:


You must follow the direction that leads you into the Volcano.

You should appear in a room like this:


What you must do is go into here:

InYou should be in a place such as this:

dBefore you continue you must click your egg then choose the egg you found.

Then simply go to the block on fire with your egg.


Your Dino Puffle should slowly transform! Once you have done it three times this is what will appear:


You will get a puffle certificate and a postcard from Club Penguin! From there onwards you can click your egg & then walk to walk your Dino Puffle. That is how to get your Dino Puffle! I hope you enjoy your Dino Puffle!

How to Take Care of Your Puffle When Walking It

In order to boost your puffle’s stats when walking it you must find a place where you can do that. There is a place at the Campsite where you can do that. Here is where you must go to feed your Dino Puffle.

UntitledYou must click the tree.

Here is where you must go in order to make your puffle sleep.

UntitledYou must click the bed in order for your puffle to sleep.

I hope your puffle stat’s stay high!

How to Transform Into a Dinosaur

First, you must find  a place where you can play Dino Dig! Here is how the game looks like:


Once you’ve started playing you must try to find an egg that turns you into a dinosaur, not a Dino Puffle egg.


At the end this is what should appear.

Then you must click your black egg at the top right hand side of your screen.


Here is a collection of the eggs I have found:


If I want ti transform into a Raptor I must click the Raptor egg and choose the colour I want to be.


This is what should appear!


You can simply click transform and you will be a dinosaur!


Here is how I look!


To become a normal penguin again you must click your player card and then the dinosaur icon that looks like this:


Every dinosaur has a special action. Dance or wave to find out what that special action is! I hope you enjoy being a dinosaur!

How to get a Black Dino Puffle (T-Rex Puffle)

For the 25th you will be able to adopt a Black Dino Puffle! Here is how:

You must first go to a place where you can play Dino Dig!


You must try hard too find a black egg that looks like so:


Once you have found that you must equip your puffle by click the egg

Eggthen equipping your puffle by click “equip”. You can also get a free item by clicking collect. The item is named the Dino-Leather shield.


Once you have equipped your puffle you must go to the volcano.


and follow the sign.


Then you must enter the cave!


You should be in a room like this.


Like with the blue puffle you must waddle to the brick/rock on fire.

Once you have done that 3 times you’ll be asked to choose your puffle’s name. Remember that you cannot change it.


Once you have chosen your puffle’s name and clicked adopt a puffle certificate shall appear.


You should get a postcard from Club Penguin then all that is left to do is have fun with your new puffle!


Enjoy your new black Dino Puffle!

How to get a Pink Dino Puffle

Since it is the 26th you can now adopt a Pink Dino Puffle. I will not repeat the steps again since they are the same as the black & blue Dino Puffle steps. This is how the egg loks though.




You can also get a new free item!



After you’ve done the steps (that can be found with the black or blue puffle guide) all that is left to do is have fun!


Prehistoric Party Room Guide


Lava Beach:




Tree Place:

tree Place



Prehistoric Plaza:








Shark Berg:

Shark Berg

Pterano Town:


More guides will be coming soon! For now…

Waddle On!

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