Megg Is Taking Over Everything!


Ok, seriously last week Megg took over the Spoiler Alert. For the weekend she is taking over EVERYTHING. Here is what she said on the blog (Probably called the Megg Blog from tomorrow):

Well, it’s finally happened….

Spike Hike is letting me temporarily have ownership over Club Penguin this weekend! W00t! As temporary owner, I want to focus on the community and how awesome all of you are.

My first order of business, COLORING! I know I know, that doesn’t sound like much of a take over but I promise it’ll be worth it.

Remember back to the #MeggTakeover episode of The Spoiler Alert when we talked about getting more coloring pages? As temporary owner I say, it shall be done! I thought everyone could color this hoodie template all pretty like and send it on in to me so I can see ’em.


You can submit the finished hoodie templates here. I’ll only be accepting them for this weekend while I’m temporary owner so be sure to get them in! I’ll be coloring some as well 😀

On another note, I’ll be posting some meet up times on the blog throughout the weekend. Stay tuned!

Waddle on,

I am entering the contest! I shall post my hoodie here when it is done. What I would like Megg to do (it might be hard to get done in two days) is to make an Igloo Backyard catalog and let us design our own backyard! Do you have any ideas? Tell us in the comments!

Torres Out!

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