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It’s been what, two years? Yes, it’s been a very long time since I promised a newer version of Club Penguin Torres 126. Let’s just do a quick recap. I closed down Club Penguin Torres 126 for what I planned to be a few weeks to create a newer site. I announced Club Penguin Mountains and got quite far in creating it but then something tragic happened…my penguin got banned forever. As such I felt that I couldn’t continue this website and I selected C0mputerguy as the new owner because I trusted he wouldn’t do anything bad with this site. I was right and a few days ago I asked for the website back and he gave it to me (Hooray)! In the last two years I’ve been working on Club Penguin Reveals for a small period of time and I made discussions. I really enjoyed it but I decided to leave due to the amount of time I had. For the first time since 2009 this year, I did not log on to the Holiday Party (I do have a back up account which I could’ve used) and that is showing me I’m losing interest in the game. So why has this blog come back then?

I’ve decided to take a new turn for this website. Unfortunately this isn’t going to be a website about facts that tells you where the pin is or how to complete a task at a party like it was before. I’m sorry but I don’t have time for that. Due to my lack of time I’m also recruiting authors. Unfortunately I removed the team from the website because I wanted it to start fresh, plus I don’t think they’d even want to be blogging here (correct me if I’m wrong, Flame and Nicky). If you wish to join, click here to fill out a form. Then what am I going to post on this website if it’s not going to be factual? Opinions. From now on you’re probably going to read things like discussions and reviews on this website. Instead of creating a new site I figured I might as well continue this website as I can keep all the same pages and views so that more people will read it (the more views a website, the more people are likely to read it). Unfortunately I cannot pledge that I’ll post on a daily basis but I will aim to post something every few days.

The other thing I’m considering is featuring a lot more of the community in this website. I know lots of fan art goes unrecognised and lots of great ideas go to waste. The only big thing created by the community which I really featured on here was the idea of Club Penguin Lego sets. I decided to keep the page for that despite the fact that the idea form failed. Please comment what you think about this. At this stage all feedback is vital to me. Since we’re talking about the community, I’m looking to add some banners to our sidebar. If you have a YouTube account or another Club Penguin blog as well as a banner for your site/channel, head over to the support page and request it to be featured. I’m not going to demand you to feature this site on your website but I’d be extremely grateful if you did.

Due to making this an opinion-like blog, I’ve had to get rid of a lot of pages. You may have noticed that things like the trackers and guides are gone that were avaliable on Club Penguin Torres 126. I can confirm that I’m not going to bring those back in the near future. However there are also some new pages that have been created since the website closed down as well as some content changed. I’ll let you go and explore those!

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you do enjoy the website and the discussions I’ll post. Remember to leave your feedback in the comments section and I encourage everyone to try and become an author (unfortunately I do decline a few requests). Here’s something I’d never type again on this website…

Waddle On!


Club Penguin Mountains Owner

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