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A few days ago Megg released a post on the Club Penguin Blog confirming the retirement (the end) of the Sled Racer and SoundStudio mobile apps. You may also be aware a few months ago Club Penguin ended their Puffle Wild app. Today we’ll be discussing why Club Penguin may have done this. Let me start off by sharing the post that Megg made.

Hi Penguins,
As many of you have noticed, our Sled Racer and SoundStudio apps for iOS and Android have now been retired.
Although it was a tough choice to make, it allows us to focus more on Project: Super Secret and the exciting year ahead of us.
You can still play the Sled Racer and SoundStudio apps if they’re already downloaded on your device. We won’t be making any updates to the games though, and you can’t log into your Club Penguin account or make in-app purchases.
We really appreciate your support and understanding! And if you have any more questions, you can email our support team: support@clubpenguin.com
Waddle on, 
-Club Penguin Team
This move by Club Penguin is a rather…what’s the best word to describe it…interesting yet not an unexpected move. The fact is, there has only been one major update for the Sled Racer app which was the leaderboards since it released on August 7th 2014 (on IOS, it was released a year later on Android). I don’t count the golden googles item as a major update. The SoundStudio app was released in February 2015 and the only major update was the Club Penguin Radio. Although Megg has been saying that won’t make any updates, the last update for these apps were in June last year! I have to really agree with Trainman on this case.
Here’s what I really want to discuss. The team claimed that they have done this to focus more on Project Super Secret. However I really do not believe that is the case for a number of reasons. Firstly is that why these apps were even invented in the first place. Project Super Secret was announced publicly on the official blog on June 4th 2014 by Spike Hike. If Club Penguin wanted to dedicate full concentration on this, I doubt they would get side-tracked by three apps (Puffle Wild included). 
Personally, I think that Puffle Wild was a really good and popular app. It was the only app which featured a game that was not on the web version and I was extremely disappointed when that app was retired. I do wish this app was still around and still being updated.
My second reason is why they’re even bothering to stop people using it to it’s full extent. This point goes with Puffle Wild as well, not just Sled Racer and SoundStudio. The app has been left untouched for months now yet people were still allowed to download it, login and make in-app purchases! I do think I am correct in saying that it does not cost money to keep an app on an app store although it does cost some money to put it on it in the first place. This is except for the Amazon app store. I don’t see the point in removing it as it isn’t doing any harm.
Now for the third reason. Talking about finances, in-app purchases is a quick way for Club Penguin to make money, and I think we’ve concluded Club Penguin could use all the money they can get. This is because Club Penguin laid of hundreds of staff members, including Polo Field, because they couldn’t afford to pay their salary which is proof of Club Penguin’s financial crisis. Even though the apps aren’t being regularly (or at all) updated, it’s still a way for Club Penguin to make profit which they cannot do if they remove the apps, which unfortunately they have. I don’t get Club Penguin’s logic here.
Overall I do not believe that Club Penguin made a good decision in removing the apps even if they don’t want to focus them for the reasons I have explained. I do wonder why Club Penguin ended them though as I would expect them to think in this kind of mindset. What reason could I be missing? Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading this.
Waddle on!

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