Discussion: Hole at the Plaza Caused by Herbert

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Before I begin, I just want to remind you that a contest is currently going on so enter by clicking here! Anyway, recently I’ve seen a sneak peek of how the Plaza will look after the black and white phase during Operation Doom/Tri-umph. However, the blogs that I have seen it on have said things like “I could only imagine what lies down there” since there is a cave in the Plaza. Well, I believe that I know exactly what does lie down there and what will cause the hole, but firstly let me show you a sneak peek of the hole in the Plaza.

Credit to Club Penguin Space for this image
Credit to Club Penguin Space for this image

So, if you read my plot for this party (you can click here to do so), you might know what I am about to say however I will be going into a lot more detail in this post. I have evidence to prove that this hole will be caused by Herbert. In particular, I am expecting him to use his driller. Herbert’s Driller is a vehicle which hasn’t been seen for ages but it seems like it could be making a return. This is a picture of it.


Not only is there a hole that would most likely have been caused by this vehicle, but there is indeed more evidence that Herbert will be making a return in his driller. You most likely would know what that is if you read my idea, but I’ll quickly just mention it again before I say something new. In the “Best of 2015” mash-up video, this appeared in the “What’s Next?” section and is a picture of Herbert’s Driller. I think we can confirm that driller will be making a return.


Alright, now I mentioned that I know what is going to be below this hole. I’m really surprised that not many people thought of this, especially since the old PSA missions returned a bit back. The eight PSA mission called “Mysterious Tremors” is based all around this vehicle. I’m expecting a repeat of that mission, but hopefully a bit more updated and slightly different.

In that mission, Herbert went underground using his driller. He made a series of tunnels which the EPF PSA had to go through in order to stop Herbert. This is an example of the tunnels that Herbert created.


However, what interests me more is that I think we should have anticipated Herbert coming back with his driller during April last year. Bear in mind that the tunnel Herbert created began from the Dock. Now you might remember the Cave Maze in 2015. If not, it was basically a maze underground but it also started at the Dock. I don’t think that that is a coincidence. The music was even “Herbert Style”. The image I’m about to show you is what I think lies beneath that hole.

Cave Maze

This means that Herbert most likely would have already created all the tunnels he’s needed except for the fact he cannot open them. This comes as Gary confirms at the end of the mission that the PSA sealed all the tunnels and Herbert would need to spend some time finding his way out. Perhaps during that time, Herbert learnt more about his tunnels and what they could do for him.

What I’m not sure of is what Herbert has planned. In the original mission, Herbert went to the Boiler Room and managed to accidentally break the boiler. I’m curious as to see why he has chosen to come out of the Plaza and what he intends to do after the EPF makes the island colourful again.

To conclude, I am certain that Herbert will make a return in his driller and I’m quite sure that a bunch of tunnels lie below the island and Herbert will be using them. However, we are yet to uncover his plot and what he intends to do. I am pretty excited to find out, especially since we haven’t seen his driller make a return for years. I can also confirm that pretty soon I’ll be giving you my unique idea for the Fun Hut so stay tuned, although it might not be next post!

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