Fact Friday #4: Illogical Things

Hey everyone,

You may not realise, but there are loads of illogical things around the island! By this, I mean something that makes no sense whatsoever but exclude how penguins pineapples with their feet because today, I want to talk about a more recent mistake Club Penguin made with PH’s dialog during this party.

Trainman1405 recently pointed out this image that PH says when you find the brown puffle.

Brown puffle finding

You may not notice anything wrong with this text, but actually there is a minor detail. Brown puffles were discovered at the Wilderness Party (which you can read about by clicking here) during 2011. PH became a mascot in 2012. Completely illogical but hey, pretty much no one notices these minor details except for a few people.

There are tons of things that don’t make sense on the island! Perhaps you can find a few? 

Waddle on!



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