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Discussion/Idea: Seasonal Changes

Hey everyone,

I am now almost certain that after #ProjectSuperSecret, we will no longer have a snowy island. This leads me to think that we might also get some more changes, but first let me explain why I think this. 

Take a look at these few sneak peeks about #ProjectSuperSecret that we have got so far.





Notice how there is sand, sunshine and trees that aren’t covered in snow. This most likely wouldn’t happen if Club Penguin didn’t intend to change the seasons. However, in the first image, there is still some snow in the background which suggests that winter will return.

This leads me to think that we might even be getting daylights and perhaps even weather, seeing that the sun is shining. Nighttime in Club Penguin has always been a popular idea, and I think it would be great if Club Penguin were to implement it.


The next thing that I think and I hope will happen is that we see some more weather conditions in Club Penguin that aren’t caused by ninjas. It would be awesome if we see rain along with snow and sunshine. 


What do you think about this theory? I really do hope that it does happen. 

Waddle on!



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