Discussion: #ProjectSuperSecret’s Impact on Outfits

Hey everyone,

Today I’ve got yet another discussion on #ProjectSuperSecret, but this time, about something which I’ve not seen talked about before, and it’s something that I am slightly concerned about.

For the purpose of this post, I looked at an image that I took at a meet-up with the founders of Club Penguin on the 10th Anniversary Party. Have a look at the penguins in the red circles.

See if you can spot yourself in this image! I’ve noticed a few of Club Penguin Mountain’s viewers in it! (cough, Kat Here1 and Madzom8ie, cough)

Look at how funny the outfits are. These are just a few of many more in this image. That’s what makes Club Penguin different from the real world. You’d never see a person dressed up as an elephant with a wizard hat and sunglasses on in reality, but it’s just the sort of thing you’d expect on Club Penguin.

Unfortunately, I’m no longer sure if that will be the case anymore. Having had a look at a sneak peek of the clothing customiser, it doesn’t exactly look like the outfits we see today.


This outfit just doesn’t look as creative and as wacky as current day designs. This is just one design out of thousands that we can make with #ProjectSuperSecret, but I am hopeful that we’ll still be able to create wacky outfits and designs, because that’s what Club Penguin is about. #ProjectSuperSecret is all about customisation.

That being said, I still think that #ProjectSuperSecret will let us keep our current items but they’ll be in 3D. Otherwise, why would it take so long to finish? There are thousands of items in Club Penguin, and it’ll take some time for them to be 3D. Well, a lot of time. But hopefully, there’ll be more wacky items than just our current ones.

Waddle on!


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