A Tribute to Saraapril

Hey everyone,

Last week, a blogger left Club Penguin who undoubtedly revolutionised blogging about our island. After eight amazing years, Saraapril has finally decided to stop blogging. I remember reading her blog YEARS ago long before I started blogging myself.

Picture drawn by Tomisino1
Picture drawn by Tomisino1

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You have probably heard of Saraapril. Yes, she’s the one who is..uhh…obsessed, should we say, about recycling and Disney destroying Club Penguin. However, she also posted every single update no matter how big or small. That takes a lot of time and dedication yet she never made a penny form her blog! She did it for fun and enjoyment!


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I will truly miss reading Saraapril’s blog and I wish her the best of luck in the future.

img_20160502_165957.jpg img_20160502_170017.jpg img_20160502_170155.jpg


img_20160502_214219.jpg img_20160502_214231.jpg img_20160502_214234.jpg

Waddle on, Saraapril.


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