Discussion: Money Made from #LegoCP

Hey everyone,

I recently read a post on Club Penguin Scoop about merchandise. Whilst doing this, there was a paragraph which I would like to discuss. This is about Club Penguin as Lego sets.

You might be aware that a few years ago, a penguin set out to make #LegoCP a reality, but unfortunately there were not enough supporters for Lego to view it. To learn more about this, click here. This is the paragraph written, which when clicked, redirects to the site.

Disclaimer: This paragraph has been shared under Section 30.1 of the 1998 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act

Disclaimer: This paragraph has been shared under Section 30.1 of the 1998 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act

It isn’t as easy as it seems for there to be Lego Club Penguin sets but this post makes it seem that it can be done in an instant. That is why not.

When #LegoCP was released, several moderators tweeted about it yet it never reached the ten thousand supporters needed for it to have a chance at becoming a set. Disney also couldn’t upload it to the What’s New Blog has you need to be over 13 to support it, unless you have a parent’s permission.

Furthermore, Disney won’t even make that much money from it as you only get 1% of the earnings. I was watching a Lego documentary the other day. A person who had a set made earnt enough money to buy a car. Not enough for a Ferrari but enough for a decent car. This won’t be much for Disney seeing how they make millions per a day.

It also needs to be created by Disney, otherwise they will make no money from it. This means that they need to dedicate their time to building each set, when they probably will just produce something similar to what Puffle Pal26, the creator of #LegoCP, did.

As awesome of an idea I think this is, I reckon that it’d be better if it stayed fan-built but got the promotion by Disney. Besides, Puffle Pal26 promised to give all of his earnings to charities that are supported from Coins for Change so it’s not even like Disney are losing money.

As you can see, that paragraph is quite inaccurate except for the fact that it would be awesome to see #LegoCP become a reality.

Waddle on!



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