Exclusive Discussion: Why Disney Stopped Making Games

Hey everyone,

You probably have heard that yesterday, Disney announced that they would stop Disney Infinity and all other video games. Most people think that this includes Club Penguin but you have been fooled for years. I have known that this would happen years ago, yet I’m the only one who has posted this so far.

My Nintendo News recently confirmed what I have just said. Many people believe that this means Disney will be selling Club Penguin, however, with good evidence from Spike Hike, I can put all of your worries to rest.

Firstly, let’s pretend we did NOT have this decisive evidence. Although the games have been closed, there is no mention of any staff being laid off. Disney Infinity support also do Club Penguin support and without Disney Infinity, they can focus their full time on Club Penguin.

However, now it is time to present which 125 people have forgotten about. This picture says it all.

Evidence of Disney and CP
If you use any information revealed on this blog on your website, I would appreciate credit. Not one blog has published this since My Nintendo News made the announcement which is what makes it “exclusive”.

Disney is most likely focusing 100% of their time and effort on #ProjectSuperSecret. Some could say that this tweet just hinted things like Disney Mix but let’s be honest, this is a big deal. Disney Mix isn’t so big a deal. They have Star Wars and Marvel, how could financial issues be the reason for the closure of Disney Infinity?

I hope now that your concerns are put to rest. This is good for Club Penguin, not bad.

Waddle on!



  • azerty15

    i think they just noticed that the product sales of Disney Infinity were not as high as they expected to and that they didn’t reach the targets/goals they wanted to see.
    Therefore the decision to stop working on Disney Infinity, also you mentioned that Disney infinity also supports Clubpenguin….

    Disney Infinity is made is 3D so that means that Club Penguin has now a HUGE 3D artists team and coders that will probably now be spending 100% of their time to work on Project SuperSecret.

    PS: great blog you have! 🙂

    • torres126

      How could they not make enough money whilst teaming up with Star Wars AND Marvel? I doubt that’s the case.

      That’s a good point! I didn’t think about Disney Infinity being 3D! Then again, I assume the coding is different for online games and console games.

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog! 🙂

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