Will Disney Stopping Video-Game Production Affect Club Penguin?

Hey everyone,

This is a post made by a friend of mine which I found rather interesting. It is related to the post I made today about what it means for Club Penguin that Disney Infinity got shut down. I’d highly recommend reading it! 😊

Club Penguin Network

Rockhopper-Disney-Infinity-Figure.pngLast night, Disney Interactive announced that they will be stopping Disney Infinity, and shutting down Avalanche Software, which means that Disney is leaving video-game producing, but why are they doing this? Disney Infinity made a lot of money, so it’s a quite odd why they decided to stop producing the game. In this blog-post, I will be sharing my thoughts on this situation, and if it’ll affect Club Penguin and its community.

A blog-post that was published on July 24, 2014 on Variety explained that Disney was surprised by the success of Disney Infinity. If you’d like to read it yourself, you could by simply clicking the following link: Even Disney Is Surprised by the Success of ‘Disney Infinity’. On Variety’s post, it says that Disney Interactive received more than 500 million Dollars from the sale of 3 million Disney Infinity starter packs (in 2014), which is really impressive!…

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