Discussion: #ProjectSuperSecret Beta-Test

Hey everyone,

Megg recently “confirmed” that there would be a beta test according to numerous blogs that I’ve read. Today I’m going to be discussing the comment actually made by Megg. Take a look at it!


I want to begin by talking about a “Geo-beta”. Every single website has said that this means we might be able to test a part of the island, however I disagree with all of that. I reckon that this means only certain people living in certain places will get the opportunity to test #ProjectSuperSecret. This makes sense too, seeing as how Disney Mix was released to Australia and New Zealand only.

Then again, it’s unlikely that we will be testing the whole island. But what if we don’t test the island? Although there will “most likely” be one, the interface already seems pretty solid and Club Penguin have probably already hired some game-testers after they laid off the 2D ones.

A beta test is likely, but it’s no different to a launch. I guess we’ll just need to be patient!

Waddle On!


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