Discussion: Club Penguin Elections

Hey everyone,

You’ve probably heard of the Club Penguin Elections, an event hosted by Riyita, by now. If not, today I’m going to be talking about it and why I think they are absolutely pointless.


Basically, players in the community have been selected to represent two sides. From what I understand, there’s been no voting procedure and a couple of people have chosen in their opinion the best candidate. The candidates have already been chosen and there are big “debates” regarding certain issues. This is one of them.


Although this is fun, let me explain what I think is pointless. Having looked at the criteria of team selection, it’s things that all of us want.


Surely we want to see all of these things on Club Penguin? How do you choose which team to pick, when they are both great teams? Furthermore, if you win the “election”, you aren’t exactly going to gain anything. It’s not like these ideas will actually be developed.

Despite this, I think it’s an awesome event which I will take part in. To do this, I’m going to be criticising some election campaigns to really make this event more fun. Tomorrow, you should see the first post about this. 

Good luck, nominees!


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