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A few months ago, Spike Hike released a #ProjectSuperSecret a sneak peek of Disney Mix. In case you missed it, Disney Mix is a social-media app yet it’s targeted at teenagers and kids as it has several filters. A question that I’ve seen asked a lot is when the development of Disney Mix actually began. Today I am going to answer that question.

You may remember Craig Voigt, the member of staff who recently leaked some #ProjectSuperSecret items and content. After doing a bit of research, I found his LinkedIn profile. This is what I read.

Lead Artist

The image above states that March 2014 was when development of Disney Mix began but they are no longer adding to the app. However, that isn’t what I want to talk about. 

One year before Disney Mix began development, Spike Hike made this tweet. Since Disney Mix was released, several people think that Disney Mix is what Spike Hike was referring to. Surprisingly, this tweet was recently deleted. The reason for this is unknown.

Social stuff

I don’t think that it would take a year just to plan for Disney Mix. I especially think this because just a few months after Disney Mix development began, Spike Hike made another tweet. This tweet showed a Disney Mix icon.


It looks like they did a lot in a few months. Why would it take little time to develop the actual app but so long to plan for the app? Don’t forget that Spike Hike could have been planning Disney Mix ages before the tweet he made on July 4th 2013.

This leads me to think that there are some more “great social things” coming. The LA Times recently interviewed Spike Hike (Chris Heatherly) and posted some information about their conversation. Included was a bit of information about what is almost certainly #ProjectSuperSecret.

Credit to Trainman1405 for this information (http://clubpenguinmemories.com)
Credit to Trainman1405 for this information (http://clubpenguinmemories.com)

Perhaps there is even more social things to come from Disney? I guess we’ll find out soon!

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