Calling All Video Makers…

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Hey everyone,

Over the past few days, I’ve been planning to send a letter to Club Penguin. I’ve already written it out but I feel like I should attach more than just a letter! So, I had this idea of adding a DVD with Club Penguin videos for the team to enjoy. Maybe it could even be watched in the cinema in the Headquarters of Club Penguin! I’m being too optimistic. The problem is, I don’t make very good films.

Photo taken from Pup1one's visit to the Club Penguin HQ!
Photo taken from Pup1one’s visit to the Club Penguin HQ!

I know that many people in the Club Penguin community are great video makers! If you would like to, this is the perfect time for Club Penguin to see your work! I thought of making a film with everyone’s video however I want to get permission from people before doing so. Don’t worry, I won’t claim I made them all! The team will learn their original makers. The deadline is the 10th June 2016. By submitting your video, you allow us to upload it to YouTube just once so that we can share the final video with the community.

I don’t know how many people will request to have their video featured but I’m going to add as many videos as I can before the disk gets full. I don’t mind if you ask for multiple videos to be featured if there’s enough space. There are a few rules though.

  1. The video must be related to Club Penguin.
  2. The video must not have any rude words, inappropriate content etc.
  3. You must have created the video
  4. The video needs to be some sort of story or comedy. It can’t be, say, a tutorial.

Form removed – it is too late to submit your video.

I’d be really grateful if you submit your video! The more videos, the better! If you have already, thank you! I hope that Club Penguin watches the DVD and I am sure that they will!

Waddle on!



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