Discussion: Clothing with Membership

Hey everyone,

I’ve seen a lot of talk around the community about what happens to your clothing when your membership expires. In fact, CPWorld even mentioned it in his video about “3 Things Wrong with Club Penguin”. But in my opinion, there is nothing wrong.

Basically, whenever your membership expires, the outfit that you are wearing (regardless of weather it contains member items or not) will remain on your penguin until you wear a different item. When this happens and you try to turn back to your original clothing, this happens.

Credit to Echo006 for this image

Many people are saying that now when your membership expires, all your member clothes are taken away including the outfit you were wearing when it expired. Nina1059 proved that this was false and it is not an issue that has been fixed yet. It is not known whether or not this is intentional. For the purpose of this discussion, let’s pretend that Club Penguin did fix this issue. Does this make it worthy of being in CpWorld’s video as a wrong thing?

CPWorld said the following in his video:

My first point is that we shouldn’t be picky. Having one member-only outfit as a non-member is already a privilege. Of course, you could just have one outfit like me and that will solve the problem…


However, here is the main problem with that solution. If you see a nice outfit you want in the Penguin Style, it’s yours and you do not have to pay for it. This is because there are seven day memberships that can be claimed. Those starting in “13” get you banned, but others are real. That means you are getting something that should be for paying members for free. Unfair in my opinion.

What I am sure is annoying for members is if they get abducted by aliens as a Tinfoil Hat will replace their head item. This could possibly (it’s unlikely) be a way of Club Penguin subtly cracking down on non-members with members items.

Don’t forget that this could all change in #ProjectSuperSecret!

Waddle on!


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