#ProjectSuperSecret Idea: Custom Backgrounds

Hey everyone,

You may remember the contest I held a few days ago where the question was “what would you add to Club Penguin?”. Pingping4069, the winner of the contest, suggested that custom backgrounds ought to be added. Today I am going to be discussing her idea as well as adding my own opinions.

Custom backgrounds is an excellent idea! It fits in perfectly with what #ProjectSuperSecret is intended to deliver: customisation. My idea for this is that it kind of becomes like a mini-game where you can create your own background using certain tools. At the end, you get to buy your background and wear it regardless of your membership.

I think it’d be awesome if there’s just a paintbrush and some paper. When you click it, you are greeted by a minigame interface. This was an image I designed (very bad image) on how it could look like.

backgrounds custom

This was the original idea suggested by Pingping4069:

In my opinion, the team should implement custom backgrounds! How it works: The team has to implement a booth which will be located near the Clothes Shop that lets all players to use it to create custom playercard backgrounds. The first thing that they have to do is pick a primary abstract background. Then, each players needs to pick a pose for their penguins on the background. This is just like the mascot backgrounds but this time, the players gets a chance to make a background of their own. Lastly, each players can add optional stickers as a decoration and they can save their custom backgrounds and they can wear them anytime! This is my entry! Good luck for everyone else who attends this interesting competition. 😀

Waddle on!



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