Letter to Club Penguin

Hey everyone,

Yesterday I posted my letter to Club Penguin! Before I did, I took a couple of photos of the letter and today I am going to share them with you! Please note that due to personal reasons (my address being featured, my secret project being leaked etc.), I have had to significantly blur the picture and pixelate the envelope. You’ll see what I mean in a second.

This is a picture of everything that went inside the envelope.


It includes:

  • A letter
  • A list of ideas
  • A letter about the intellectual property rights of my project
  • A list of blogs which I like (this was on the back of the letter)
  • A piece of paper talking about the DVD
  • A DVD
  • A Card-Jitsu Water Packet
  • A lot of writing!

Hopefully the Club Penguin team reads everything that I wrote and watches the Penguin Screening! If you missed it, you can watch it by clicking here. Moving on, it’s time to feature the envelope itself. It doesn’t just contain the address (which has been pixelated – I don’t want people commenting on my handwriting :P) but it also shows, well, you’ll see.

See my perfect handwriting at the bottom? It’s like a computer wrote it!

You’ve probably noticed the sticker. This is in fact from the Card Jitsu Starter Pack. I made a post showing mine which you can read by clicking here. It’s pretty rare to obtain now but I think I’ve made good use of it by sending it to the team!

Hopefully I get a reply soon. I’m so excited! Then again, I did mention that I cheated so they’ll probably hate me for that…but it would be amazing if I received a letter back.  I’ll be sure to keep you tuned. By the way, there have been two sneak peeks about my upcoming project in this post. See if you can spot them!

Waddle on!


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