Sneak Peek #2

Hey everyone,

In case you haven’t heard, I’ve been creating a project which I intend to release soon. Although I’ve given out a few details, today I am going to share some big sneak peeks! My project is likely to go ahead, and despite the fact I said I could cancel it at anytime, I doubt I will. This is a screenshot of what I am creating.


By now, you probably have a good clue at what I am creating. If not, let me aid you by saying it’s an app! Sorry IOS users, it’s designed for Android. Pretty soon, Club Penguin Mountains will offer the chance to beta test the app and then it might be going onto the Amazon App Store (possibly not – they have really strict copyright stuff) but more likely, Google Play seeing how they’ve got a less stricter copyright policy if your app is free, which it will be.

Update: CP Radio will be launching this week! 😀

Stay tuned! (What’s with that word again…?)


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