Club Penguin Radio is Live!

Hey everyone,

You may have been wondering why there has been a lack of posts over the last fortnight. Well, I’ve been working on an app which I have sneak peeked a couple of times. Usually, I would spend this time blogging but I haven’t been able to create time to do both so I’ve had to manage the balance. The app was the priority and I even took away from that time by doing the National Music Day post but I’m pleased to announce it was worth it for…Club Penguin Radio is now live.

Before you download it, please remember something. Club Penguin Radio is in beta. I am already working on the next update which features a much more solid performance and will fix a few bugs which I am aware of (The Party Starts Now screen lets you type in it, for one of them). They will be addressed and fixed. There is also more music coming in the next one but this was just a trial to see if it works. This update should hopefully role out in a week. The app is designed for Android and Kindles. A specific page has been made for it, which you can read by clicking here.


You can download the app here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Torres-126s-Apps-CPRadio/dp/B01HAGBAHI/ref=sr_1_1/277-0997463-4797064?ie=UTF8&qid=1466451862&sr=8-1&keywords=CPRadio

The plan is that if there are a certain amount of downloads, the app will hit Google Play. Until then, it’s on Amazon only and you will soon be able to download the APK directly off this website. Once again, the app is nowhere near solid and issues will be addressed.

Waddle on!



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