Community Appreciation – Day #13: Theflame54

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the 13th day of Community Appreciation Month! Today I’ve selected another player who has quit, but has helped me a lot as you will soon read about shortly. Blogger, creator of CPPSs and chat moderator, it’s Theflame54.


Let me begin by saying the one thing that I thank Flame for doing. You see, Flame was a moderator on the official Penguin Lodge chat. He had this thing called #Modspot, where he nominated people to Mike to be a mod. I was one of them. I became a moderator on 23rd of December 2013 thanks to Flame. AND I’M SORRY FLAME. I REALLY AM. I BETRAYED YOU.

Anyway, Flame has always been a good friend to me. He was the third person to welcome me to the community. I would share his blog and YouTube channel, but I don’t remember it. Hopefully, one day, in the near future, Flame returns.

thank you


4 thoughts on “Community Appreciation – Day #13: Theflame54

  1. casually going through my favorite blogs and came across this post. I really appreciate this knowing everything I’m experiencing since I left. lots of hate and disgust has happened lately but enjoying my time away from a computer screen and actually living and exploring irl. I logged onto my twitter and becoming more active on there. if you ever want to chat email me or tweet me, i’d love to chat!

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