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    Club Penguin’s 13th Anniversary is today!

    Hi everyone,

    Eight years ago, I signed up to Club Penguin, and was immediately amazed by an entire snowy island, which launched exactly five years before then!

    Today the classic version of Club Penguin would’ve turned thirteen, and although it’s devastating that this is the last anniversary of the official franchise, Club Penguin has provided us with amazing memories and experiences, along with skills, friendships and above all, fun times!

    Incredible artwork created by Cw700

    I wanted to recognise that with this post, because I’ve certainly had loads of amazing memories and learnt a lot, both from Club Penguin, CP Rewritten/Island and also maintaining this blog. It’s unfortunate that after all these years, the official franchise is ending and that lots of jobs are being lost, especially in the most cruel way if the rumours are true. But despite this, I’d really like to extend my thanks for the team behind thirteen years worth of magic, and the Club Penguin Rewritten team for offering to carry that on for all of us. 

    Club Penguin has been undeniably one of the most significant and prevalent virtual worlds to ever be created, and the proof is that is how we as a community continue to celebrate a 13th Anniversary at a time where many virtual worlds fade within months. For many of us, it feels like we were celebrating a party only recently, and who knows what exciting things are held in the future from now.

    Waddle on,

    -Torres 126

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    A Year since Club Penguin Closed…

    A couple of days ago, Club Penguin marked one year since they closed down their doors forever. Back then, there were concerns that perhaps this could completely be the end of the desktop’s version of the virtual world, but a year on, the community still thrives and private servers archive the enjoyment and fun.

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    The Club Penguin Times #1



    Starting from today, as part of our new blog, we’ll be delivering a newsletter every week or second week to our website. These Sunday newsletters will be packed with exciting Club Penguin Island content from the latest news to discussions to featuring the community to pretty much anything! We hope you enjoy our first edition!


    Rockhopper has successfully delivered the first few residents of the new island using the Migrator, a ship which he redesigned for this long journey! Unfortunately, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. We caught up with a penguin who told us his experience.

    “I was so excited as we approached the island but suddenly geysers shot through the ship! Rockhopper instructed everyone onboard to use a cannon to escape to the iceberg before the Migrator exploded”, one penguin told us.

    Aunt Arctic, island director, has informed The Club Penguin Times that the ship has been fixed after an issue with the Lighthouse. Rockhopper is currently sailing back to the island now to collect new penguins, but some of the people we interviewed are concerned that the journey is still too dangerous.


    As the Club Penguin Island party has almost ended, Aunt Arctic has begun to write up the information which has been found in tourist booths! That being said, we also have a lot of news regarding Club Penguin Island.

    Here’s some of the most recent news we’ve heard in the past week, though there’s not been much. Click/tap a title to get more detailed information about that piece of information!

    There hasn’t been much information about the new island this week but when there is, we’ll be sure to let you know!article2

    A question that has made everyone rather curious over the last few days is why classic Club Penguin has to end. In this article, i’m going to try and help explain the reason for this.

    The game requires Adobe Flash to run but some major security flaws have been discovered with this program. As such, many browsers are beginning to discontinue the service and that means trouble to Club Penguin! In Megg’s own words, she said that “Flash is dying”.

    ee599ed2d22b29f65f1c3327c933b8d3Fortunately, the team have innovated with Club Penguin Island, a completely new game which has been built from scratch in a program known as Unity. Although the game is currently only available on mobile, Unity can be used for almost any device, including desktop and even consoles. The issue is that the team still want to add to the mobile version first for they’ve had to redo everything they’ve accomplished in the last eleven years.

    So if Flash is becoming less popular, when will the team finally end the game we know and love? Well, it’s hard to tell for sure, though it’s definitely going to be happening soon and almost certainly in 2017. To put this into perspective, we don’t even know if March will have a party!

    adventureI reckon that the game will close no later than May or June, but it’d be lucky to even see April. Everything has been leading up to this point, including the discontinuation of membership cards and the launch of the new game. It’s only a matter of weeks before the game is finally over and honestly, with the lack of additional content to the new game, it’s not worth keeping it alive.

    Club Penguin Island is the future, whether we like it or not, for it’s a continuation of the Club Penguin franchise when the game finally closes soon.


    The new game is approaching soon! Based on what you’ve experienced or seen, what would you like to see more of in the future? The results will be featured in our next edition and sent to the team!



    Q. Why can’t I just play Club Penguin Island now? -Perrythepal

    A. That’s a very good question! As you know, the game is currently in geo-beta, meaning that only three countries can officially take part in the beta without using “alternative methods”.

    It’s important to remember that the beta feedback which we give will be used to help make the game better when it launches! This means that many bugs which testers have experienced won’t be there when the game launches to help make everyone get a better experience!

    Despite this, I think that an open beta should have been better so that more bugs could get squashed and so that everyone could play! After all, we’ve all been waiting years for this and I think that it would have been far better if we all go to play rather than just a few hundred of the thousands who waited patiently.

    I disagree with the team’s decision on the closed beta and geo-beta, but worldwide launch is approaching fast! You can pre-register on their website to receive exclusive items when you first log in. I can’t wait to meet you on the new island!

    Q. What do you think of your blog? -Captain J153

    A. Hmm…that’s a tough one! I’m committed to providing quality and safe content for all viewers, and it’s up to you to say if I do that well. Do you like this blog?


    Each edition will feature a special puzzle related to Club Penguin Island, whether it be a wordsearch, a crossword, something to find or more! Today’s puzzle is a wordsearch which features some of the Sea Caves rooms. Here are the 5 words:

    1. ThroneRoom
    2. CrabsDen
    3. GlowGrotto
    4. RaceCave
    5. PartySub


    Fan Art:


    Captain J153 sent in this amazing drawing of Rockhopper! Our editors were stunned by the detail and pose of our penguin pirate! Thank you for sending it in!


    That’s all for this week’s edition of The Club Penguin Times! We hope that you enjoyed reading and that you’ll want to be featured next week! Thanks for reading and have a great week!

    Waddle on!

    -Torres 126

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    Who’s Beta Testing Club Penguin Island?


    By now, you’re almost certainly aware that very recently, Megg made a post giving us an official reveal about Project Super Secret. Although it’s officially launching in 2017, Megg mentioned beta testers in the post and that has got many people excited. But the question is, who’s really going to beta test our island, where and why? Here’s what we have been told.

    Those of you wondering when you’ll get to check out the island, stay tuned to the blog! Some of you in Canada and the United States will be receiving an email invite to our closed beta. If you are one of the beta penguins who receives this email, feel free to report back and let us know what you think so far! -Megg

    These three sentences speak a million words about something which we have been waiting for for many years. There’s quite a bit I’d like to say about them, but let’s start with the “receiving an email” bit. Megg confirmed that a beta would take place this month and many people were expecting this announcement to be the beta. Does this mean that any hopes of an open beta are off? That would be unfortunate, but it’s really looking that way, otherwise why would their be a “closed beta”?


    My next question is why Canada and the United States? This is just an idea, but I think it’s a likely one. What if it’s an event going to be held in the Club Penguin Headquarters and it will be similar to Moderation Master Class?

    In 2013, Daffodaily5 announced a competition, where five lucky penguins got the opportunity to visit the Club Penguin HQ for a day. They took part in an online party, met the team and even discussed ideas for the game in a meeting. I’m thinking that something like this will happen again, but this time, the players will be able to play Club Penguin Island.

    It seems like a much better option than sending it to people at the risk that it will be exposed online. The reason why this would mean that testers have to be from the US or Canada is because travel options would be much cheaper for the team.

    So who would actually beta-test the game? In the email, Megg says that players will be “receiving an email invite”, which is interesting because no competition has been announced on the blog. Equally, if you randomise it from people in those two countries, you’ll have no idea if they’re active or not. This leads me to believe that the team will ask older players: bloggers and YouTubers, to help them beta test the island.

    It makes sense to have a blogger with hundreds of thousands of views beta test the game and I reckon that will be the case. There was no mention of the word “lucky” or “luck”, which also seems to lead to the theory that content creators will get to try it first. Equally, bloggers could make views of it. 

    But just a quick conspiracy, how do we know they’re not lying to us? It seems a bit suspicious to send email invites and not announce the penguins on the blog. Actually I probably shouldn’t say that in-case they ever do something like this in the UK…

    UPDATE: My friend Bloxorz received this email. You need to have an IOS device to take part and it seems like all emails have been sent. I will make another post on this with new information. 

    Best of luck being selected!


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    Discussion: Penguin of the Week


    It’s been a tradition for three years now. Every week, a special penguin gets featured on the blog after being nominated by his or her friends. Usually, that penguin feels extremely special and has earnt that award. But very recently, their have been some players who have different thoughts on how Penguin of the Week works. Today I’m going to share my thoughts about Penguin of the Week.

    Well, let’s just think about this. It’s not just a background and some coins. Each year, only 52 penguins are selected. Baring in mind that there are literally millions of players on our island, achieving this award is extremely impressive. I have never won this award, but I know many friends who have and are extremely modest about it. Yes, it’s something to be proud of, but they just tell me that they’re no different to any other penguin. These people have truly deserved this award, but today I want to focus less about the winners and more about the losers.

    Here’s the usual comment you’ll see on a Penguin of the Week post, sometimes with a nomination for next week.


    Penny2415 has never been Penguin of the Week (though that will hopefully change soon) nor have many others who congratulate the special penguin who won. It’s something nice and it brings the community together. However, today I read a comment on the blog which was extremely embarrassing. I am aware this person blogs for this site, however I have removed him from being an author.


    I want to break this down this comment into separate sections, because I think that there is something extremely interesting to me. Is it fair to ask people to nominate you for Penguin of the Week? It’s an interesting question, because I was one of the many people FriendJad asked to vote for him. Realistically, you’re unlikely to win the award if you don’t ask but everyone who has won it (with a few exceptions) didn’t ask others. This proves that this is possible.

    But is it morally right? I don’t think so, though I see why people would. A few hours after me asking, I deleted mine because in my eyes, Penguin of the Week should be an award which you are nominated by others and when you win it, you are surprised. Does that mean that any other player should have an equal chance of winning as someone, say, older in the community? Personally, I don’t think so. Club Penguin means a lot more for older players than younger players and I think they deserve the award the most.

    Membership. Do you need a membership to win Penguin of the Week? The answer is not known, but I think that the only non-member to have won was King89698, and that penguin was extremely special. Jad said he just bought a membership for this, so I presume you actually have had to have been a member for quite a while. Do bear in mind that this is all just based on history.


    But is there something wrong with just buying a membership for Penguin of the Week? I believe so. When you buy a membership, you’re usually doing it for one of two reasons. Either you want to support the game, even though you might not enjoy it as much. Or maybe you just want extra benefits. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s what Club Penguin wants you to get membership for, ever since they were introduced.

    Enough about this talk on membership. Let’s go back to the original comment where FriendJad described himself as “sad”. This is what concerns me the most. Penguin of the Week is designed to bring the best out of our community. It’s designed so that we nominate those who have done something special or those who are special. No-one should be sad about them not winning. They should be happy about someone else winning.

    Also, props to Megg for handling the situation really well.

    Waddle on!


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    Megg Monday Recap & New Information (07/11/16)


    Earlier this evening, Megg hosted a Megg Monday and I was able to attend! Much to my surprise, the rooms were nowhere near full and not many people came. So little came, that we even got the opportunity to spend a lot of time talking with Megg, asking her questions and giving her ideas! Despite this, we all had so much fun, and some information (good and sad) was learnt. Today I just want to share a screenshot and some new information which you may have missed.


    The party lasted around an hour and we had such a great tine! We covered rooms such as the Backstage, Dock and Casta Fiesta, where Megg thought Franky was located at! We suggested multiple things which Megg said she would inform the team about, and she promised to visit igloos next week, so be sure to be there! Let’s get into the information, but I must note that I did not take screenshots for most the things. You’ll just need to take my word for it!

    New Information 

    -Megg will inform the team that we’d like to see the trains return at the Holiday Party (see here)

    -Megg will inform the team that we’d like to see another Medieval Party

    -Megg will probably give us a second list of meet-up times for mascots

    -Merry Walrus actually started off in the opera

    -There will not be a Bakery during this year’s Holiday Party

    -The reason the limo in the Plaza doesn’t move is because it was too much time which Club Penguin could dedicate

    -Shockingly, Wolfyjumps has decided to leave Club Penguin as she got a very good “opportunity”

    -Ninja still works for Disney, but he is in a different team

    -Deamama is Megg’s best friend

    -New recruits have been hired in the Club Penguin office

    -Something exciting next weeknext-week

    -Project Super Secret “will totally be worth it”

    -Something else is probably happening next week, but I can’t remember what

    -The following image is not true as Megg was referring to the Casta Fiesta.


    I will update this list once I remember more information.

    Waddle on!


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    Club Penguin Ghost Pin Unboxing


    Just over a week ago, I was able to get my hands on another Club Penguin pin from the Disney Mystery Pin series! Since it’s almost Halloween, I thought that it would be fitting to share this pin with you as it is after all a ghost pin! So, here’s what I got!


    I’m proud to be able to own yet another Disney Mystery Pin! I think that this pin looks pretty cool, but not as good as some of the others which I have. Despite this, it’s still pretty hard to obtain and I’m grateful to own this pin!

    If you’d like to see my showcasing of another Club Penguin pin, click here!

    Waddle on!


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    Club Penguin Mountains November Update Is Live!

    Good evening, penguin pals!

    I’m pleased to announce that the Club Penguin Mountains November Update is finally live! At first glance, you might not notice anything new other than the Music Jam header. I’ve done a lot of work behind-the-scenes, so let’s get right into the content which you can view today.

    -New Puzzles

    40% of you asked for new wordsearches, and I listened! I’ve completely scrapped the old design as they didn’t look very attractive and they were filled with watermarks. Instead, I offer you three new ones which have a much more attractive design and are also more fun! I’m also planning on adding even more puzzles in the future. Currently there are wordsearches on the rooms, mascots and former staff members.

    Check them out: https://clubpenguinmountains.com/wordsearches

    -Download GIFs

    Club Penguin Mountains is proud to publish its exciting new catalogs of GIFs. Currently, we have 3 exclusive ones and many other ones. Maybe you’re looking to send some love, or you just want a dancing polar bear. You can send them to your friends or family, so highly suggest you browse through!

    Download yours here: https://clubpenguinmountains.com/gifs/

    -Earn Trophies

    Ever wanted your name featured on our website? If you’re an author or you have won one of our games competitions, you can do so! Our new page is filled with trophies featuring many penguins! By the way, we’re hosting a tournament on Friday, so this is the perfect chance to get your name featured! Details can be viewed here.

    Browse through trophies here: https://clubpenguinmountains.com/trophies/

    -Answer the Daily Quiz

    Starting from tomorrow, I’ll be posting a daily quiz on this website. There will usually be two fairly simple questions and one challenge in a quiz. At the end of each week, there’ll be a special quiz! It’s hard to explain, but you’ll see what I mean tomorrow!

    -Goodbye GamesBot

    Due to complications, we have decided to disable GamesBot from our chat. However, we do have recommendations of similar bots on the same server which we use. This, along with further details, can be found on our chat page.

    Find out more: https://clubpenguinmountains.com/chat/

    -Jolly Penguin Removed

    At the moment, we do not want to be associated with Jolly Penguin and we have removed it from our sidebar.

    This might not seem like much, but many hours of work went into this update! I really hope you enjoy it, and that you try the daily quizzes which will be coming out starting from tomorrow. Updates are unlikely to be monthly, but I prefer the idea of having all content come out on the same day rather than them coming out randomly. Do inform me of any suggestions you may have!

    Thank you for reading!


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    Community Profile: #CPReunion, Squeky10, Orangeee, Riyita, #Blogtober, Jolly Penguin

    Hey everyone,

    This month, Club Penguin celebrated its 11th birthday, so lots of players have created videos, blog posts, art. You name it! I’d also like to cover #CPReunion, and of course wrap up this post with another interview. So let’s just get right into the Club Penguin Mountains October Community Profile!


    I’m going to start this post with a bit of a sad note. Since King89698 became Penguin of the Week, you are probably aware that he recently passed away, which is very sad. I’d like to thank Pingu15cool and Rosytilly for informing the community and putting their talents into remembering King. However, I’d really like to thank Orangeee, who made the header above as well as logos which were used by countless people throughout the community. I’ve nominated him for Penguin of the Week as this was an amazing thing for him to do. I suggest that you do to! The chances of becoming Penguin of the Week are tiny, but since Orange deserves it, if we all nominate him, we can make it happen, just like how we made King Penguin of the Week!

    [twitter-follow screen_name=’Pingu15cool’]
    [twitter-follow screen_name=’Rosytilly’]
    [twitter-follow screen_name=’OrangeCP’]


    I asked two really talented artists if they would be happy with me sharing their Halloween artwork, and they said yes! You may recognise this first artist’s name as I made a post a few months ago featuring one of her artworks. Well, Pingping4069 made a Club Penguin Halloween drawing this month which I’d like to share with you! She described it as the “longest Club Penguin Halloween fanart she’s done”.


    I must admit, it looks absolutely amazing! She also drew a really impressive portrait of PH, the Puffle Handler. Take a look!


    This drawing looks so realistic and I bet you want to see more artwork from Ping! You can do so by checking out her DevinArt page and her Twitter account, where she posts all her drawings. These are only two of many more!

    Devinart: http://pingthepenguin.deviantart.com/
    [twitter-follow screen_name=’PingWasHere’]

    The next artwork I would like to show you is from an artist, you may be familiar with, but like with all artists, if you’re not, you should definitely check them out! Squeky10 gave me permission to feature a few of his artworks! Take a look at his latest Halloween one!


    I find it absolutely spooktacular! If you’re interested, Squeky also put a speedpaint of this artwork on his YouTube channel, which I will link you to! Before that, here’s another one of his artworks!


    I love this art style! Along with drawings, Squeky also does Club Penguin animations and digitalisations, so be sure to also check out his Twitter as well as his YouTube channel!

    [twitter-follow screen_name=’Squeky10′]





    A good friend of mine, Michael56292, sent me his 11th Anniversary Fan Art! Check it out!


    This definitely is not as good as the first two we’ve seen, but I really like it! I love the concept of having each and every anniversary hat that we’ve had surrounding colourful text. The 10th Party Hat looks the coolest, in my opinion as it looks like the real thing. Thanks for sharing this awesome artwork!

    [twitter-follow screen_name=’michaeldobis661′]

    I’d also like to thank Yellow35166 for creating the Club Penguin Mountains logo which you see here! It will be included in the Music Jam header which will be published as part of the November update!


    [twitter-follow screen_name=’Yellow35166cp]


    In September’s Community Profile, I only featured blog posts which I liked. Well, today I’m going to feature a new blog, a blog series and a blog post which I really liked, but it is one which you most likely have already read.


    Blogtober has been a series on The Blue Blog in which Blue21102, the owner, creates a daily journal of life as a penguin. It’s a really awesome series with lots of humour inserted into it and lots of chances for players to get involved. By the time you’re reading this, Blogtober will be over, however, you can still catch up and Blue21102 has other amazing posts such as detailed, in-depth discussions!

    Link: http://bluesblogcp.wordpress.com


    You may not have heard of Club Penguin Seasons as Thankful only started the blog a few weeks ago. As such, the pages are still being worked on. However, Thankful strives at uploading daily content. Unlike other blogs which post things such as the new pin or the new newspaper, Thankful has short, unique content which gets straight to the point. Usually you might learn something about Club Penguin’s history which you never knew before.

    Link: http://clubpenguinseasons.com


    You will almost certainly be familiar with Trainman1405 and his blog, Club Penguin Memories. He’s not posted in a while, however at the beginning of this month, he released an extremely informative (not that I’d use any of this information – of course not!) post on hacking Club Penguin accounts. It’s a rather long post, with it being over 4000 words, but it truly is worth the read because I enjoyed it and I am sure that you will too!

    Link: http://clubpenguinmemories.com/2016/10/inside-the-world-of-club-penguin-account-cracking-and-selling/ 


    For all videos, clicking the border of the video will redirect you to YouTube, where you can subscribe to the person featured or check out their other videos!


    To celebrate the 11th anniversary of our game, Riyita asked a few players to share their favourite memories, and he put it all into one special video! It really captured what the community liked. He also uploaded it to his website, Club Penguin Space. Imagine this! A video about the community in a post about the community in a post about the community. Check it out!


    Club Penguin 101 is a series created by BeefyPenguin9 which gives you lots of information about a certain topic in Club Penguin history. It has lasted for five seasons, however this twenty four minute episode is the final ever CP 101. Beefy talks about life as a penguin from 2014 till 2016 and covers the parties we’ve had.




    We’re about to cover Club Penguin Reunion, the biggest party of the year, however I’d like to start by showing you a video of the event taken by Jojimaxcp. Jojimax was in the rooms where the moderators were, which might seem simple, but the server was really full!

    Other noteworthy channels:

    FriendJad – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuPj3H72TNkJtYEDb-nqulg

    Duck072 – https://www.youtube.com/user/Duck072Videos

    Yellow35166 – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRC5spLuFPyy0PC5MqTbpHw



    Without a doubt, Club Penguin Reunion was the most anticipated event of the year. Jdan1001 hinted it’s return, and it was such a great success last year. This time it was not as great, after all it was invaded by bots, but penguins such as Businessmoose, Chrisdog93 and Sqaishey were sighted. However, Megg, Deamama, Pirates, SheepVSGravity and a few other moderators spent an entire hour with us!

    The story begins two hours before the event is planned to begin (21:30 PST) at the Coffee Shop. Deamama popped in for an early visit and I got a postcard from her! Many of us chose to stay in the Coffee Shop as we anticipated that the server would fill up quickly. After all, Megg did talk about it on the What’s New blog. Unfortunately, I disconnected an hour before the event began and couldn’t get back in to the Coffee Shop!


    A few friends gathered at a spot in the Town waiting for the event to begin. When it did begin, the normal happened. We all split up in chaos trying to get a postcard from the moderator which we liked. In particular, I wanted to add a Businessmoose postcard to my collection, but I heard he left early after being surrounded by bots. He was surprised by them, but was not angry at them, which was an interesting reaction to have!


    Many rooms were full and it was risky leaving a room to find a moderator. There were bots filling up the server and it very quickly became clear that this party was not going to be as good as last year. Even a few of the hosts admitted that! There were no sightings of Rsnail, Screenhog, Polo Field, Spike Hike or Billybob, which disappointed many. It just didn’t have that awesome feel to it, but it still was a great party. The hashtag was also trending on Twitter. Along with my postcard from Deamama, I got one from the person who copied content from Saraapril.


    I’d like to thank all of the Club Penguin Reunion staff for making this event possible, along with the former and current staff members who took time out of their busy schedule to interact with us.

    Interview of the Month

    You may be aware of the Drama Diaries I created on Bobby7506, but before that, I interviewed him for Community Profile. It’s a bit late to change that, and I promised you an interview. I’m very reluctant to publish this, but Bobby and I have made peace and we both apologised. He admitted that he was wrong and just angry. So let’s please thank Bobby7506 for this months interview!

    Torres 126: 2016 has been a year hated by many players in the community, including myself. It’s a time of uncertainty for Club Penguin, leading up to #ProjectSuperSecret, even though we had an “update” very recently. What are your thoughts regarding this?

    Bobby7506: I’m quite excited but very nervous to experience PSS. I have a feeling it we’ll never be as good as Club Penguin. I also worry for blogs as its hard to picture how us bloggers will manage to make new posts on a new game that we’re all unsure of.

    Torres 126: If you were in charge of Club Penguin, what do you do?

    Bobby7506: If I was in charge of club penguin, I would add a feature which allows you to get rid of inactive friends on your buddy list so you could make new ones.

    Torres 126: How has Club Penguin impacted your life?

    Bobby7506: Club Penguin has impacted my life so much. It was my childhood and everyone used to play it. I’ve bought a lot of memberships and toys and I’ve always been into it. Club Penguin is the only thing I’ve ever been fully addicted to. It’s made me who I am today 🙂

    Torres 126: One of the things that you are working on is “Jolly Penguin”. Could you please tell us a little more about this?

    Bobby7506: EEEEK! Okay, okay! So I guess I could tell you some sneak peeks of Jolly Penguin and what we hope to happen with it 🙂 This project was made purposely to bring the community together and celebrate happiness. Christmas is one of the most joyful things around and I thought we could party and celebrate with the theme of it. I also liked the fact it comes once a year and there are 4 parties. The last party (finale) will be the big grand one and I hope as many penguins join us on that celebration.

    Torres 126: And finally, is there anything else that you would like to say?

    Bobby7506: I’d just like to say that this community is amazing and the amount of work we create and new things we discover and try is breath taking. I’ve made some amazing friends and I will never forget them.

    [twitter-follow screen_name=’Bobby7506CP’]

    I am part of the Jolly Penguin team, and we really aim to make this idea a reality! I’ll keep you updated! I did originally have more content about Jolly Penguin, but unfortunately I deleted it. Once again, please thank Bobby7506!

    I’m sorry that this post isn’t as “solid” as the last one. I originally didn’t even intend to upload it, but in the end, I decided to do so. I’d like to give a big thank you to you for reading this far! I’d also like to give a big thank you to everyone I included in this post!

    Tonight I’ll be uploading Halloween Panic. Until then, have a great day!

    Waddle on!


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    Club Penguin 11th Anniversary Special Post


    Hey everyone,

    Eleven years ago, a project that began in modern-day room 525 had its beta testing end. Eleven years ago, today, Club Penguin was launched. A few years later, on this very day, Torres 126 was created. I think that that is pretty special and amazing. Today I just want to talk, and not all of it is going to be positive. Let’s start with my Top 5 memories, which is positive!

    After some inspiration by Blue21102’s post, I’ve decided to release my own top 5 memories, which is pretty difficult to do seeing how I started playing in 2009 and have so many memories which I can’t forget. I’m going to skip out some important memories to me because I’ve already covered them in my Birthday Week series. Without further ado, let’s begin.

    5. Meeting my First Mascot

    I tried everything to meet a mascot. Back in those days, there weren’t many meet-up times and you had to be really well organised or really lucky to find him. I remember jumping with joy when Chrisdog93’s tracker said Cadence was online, however I didn’t get to my computer in time. I still remember that she was on the Nightclub Roof. We’ll never know if his tracker was accurate.


    However, at some point during 2010-2012, I remember meeting a mascot for the very first time. It was Rockhopper, and it was a complete accident. I just logged on during the Holiday Party and I landed in the town. I remember being thrilled when that stamp above me appeared. I also remember having to eat lunch a few minutes after that. I ate fish on that day…don’t ask. It was still an amazing experience which I still remember.

    4. Club Penguin at School

    If you don’t know already, I lived in South Africa for four years of my life, where I introduced a lot of people to Club Penguin. However, before then, I remember loads of people in my primary school playing Club Penguin. We used to trade Card-Jitsu codes and played together a lot. That was what Club Penguin was about! Those were the days!


    I plan on releasing another post about this, however I also once did a presentation about this website at school! It’s interesting though, because I know a lot of older players tend to hide the fact that they play Club Penguin from their friends at school. I intend on writing about this in the future/cover it in the rest of this post, but for now I suggest you check out this post by Blue21102!

    3. Great Parties, even in New CP, like Joining a Train in 2013

    Along with Operation Blackout and the Halloween Parties, I really liked the Holiday Party in 2013. In particular, I liked the train, simply on the basis because ti was so much fun. I remember moderators having HUGE trains and just hanging out with my Club Penguin friends. That was something to remember.


    And, it was all for charity!

    2. Getting Postcards from Moderators 

    In 2014, there was a MASSIVE meet-up held by loads of moderators. I remember being able to be in an empty room with Polo Field (of which I was ignored but don’t worry, Polo apologised a few years later!) and getting a postcard from Saraapril!

    However, the most special postcard was a “Happy Halloween” one from Daffodaily5. It was my first ever postcard from a moderator! The problem was that it somehow got deleted and of course, I sent an email to Club Penguin support.


    The day after, I read that email and I remember being thrilled! That is why it is my seventh top memory.

    1. The Community

    2013 was a great year because it was the year which I joined chats and forums, of which only two I am still active on. But regardless of this, the community has had some great times. The community is a memory which isn’t quite over yet, but the penguins here are amazing.



    DEBATE: What was the Best Year to Experience Club Penguin?

    Eleven years of Club Penguin…most of them have been amazing. I recently read a blog post which was part of a debate on what the best year of Club Penguin was. At the end of the post, they asked their readers for our thoughts, and I figured that the topic would be quite interesting to read about. So, what was the best year to experience Club Penguin? Without further ado, here are my opinions on the best year of Club Penguin. Let’s start by eliminating a few.



    2005 and 2006 were the starting years of Club Penguin. The game was small, but full of potential, and Disney hadn’t even bought it yet. The undeniable fact is that compared to now, the game was very basic. There wasn’t a large variety of rooms on the map.

    Despite this, it’s still very difficult to rule out the early years of Club Penguin. There was hardly any criticism, and it was the first game of its kind. That is the reason why I’ve only chosen to rule out the first year and a half on Club Penguin, along with the possibility that many of us were not on the island during that time.



    In this year, Disney acquired Club Penguin for $350 million, but to be honest, this wasn’t much of a big deal. Disney was still working largely behind the scenes at this point, and I doubt that players at the time would have felt a big difference to the year before.

    The game had more decorations and more rooms were added, such as the Cove, but parties still remained very basic. It’s not the best year, and whilst players at the time must’ve really enjoyed it, the game still wasn’t at its peak.




    I’m sure we will all agree that 2014 and 2015 were decent years. We had some great parties, and even had a few TV specials. The problem is, this was the downfall years. There were more parties which were disliked than liked compared to years before. Takeovers were becoming more frequent the community was listened to less.

    These were also sad-years as we saw a large Club Penguin lay-off. If Club Penguin kept going like they were in these years, the game would still be alright, but this is about finding the best year, of which these two definitely aren’t.



    Do I really need to explain why this is undoubtably the worst year on Club Penguin? Two month long takeovers with the majority of players really disliking this year? Files literally being copied and pasted from previously disliked parties?

    That leaves…







    These are the years that come to mind when you think of Old Club Penguin, which is what the majority of people prefer. However, five years are still a bit too many in my opinion and technically, part of 2012 and all of 2013 are New Club Penguin. I still think that 2013 was alright though, so goodbye 2012!



    2012 was genuinely a good year for Club Penguin. It contained Operation Blackout, which was one of the most popular parties in the game’s history. It also had other popular parties, such as the Island Adventure Party and the Underwater Expedition. However, there are a few negatives which caused me to rule this game out.

    Billybob began his resignation towards the end of the year. This was also the year of three major changes. Firstly, the rooms became the ones we know today. Secondly, the friend list could contain 500 friends instead of 100. These were awesome at the time (I still remember having a full friend list) but the long-time effects of that were and are negative. At this time, people protest against the new rooms. Not only that, but the friends list completely backfired and is now one of the most buggy things the entire time.

    The other thing that changed for the worse in this year was the chat filter, which became a whitelist instead of a blacklist. The long-term effects of these changes are awful, but this year was still great! Ultimately, it wasn’t as good as other years.



    2010 was not a bad year for Club Penguin, however there’s nothing that really makes it stand out. There aren’t many parties that come to mind which I go “Oh! That was amazing!” but there are for other years. The game was still doing very well at this time, but when there’s nothing memorable about this year, it’s very hard to write about it, yet alone rank it as the best year for Club Penguin.





    Now we need to really get picky on which years we are getting rid off. Let’s have a really quick look at why each year is still on this list.



    There was lots of new content in 2008, such as new mini-games and epic parties. Not only was content increasing in the game, but Disney launched a massive line of merchandise in this year, including Mix n’ Match Figures, Card Jitsu Trading Cards and the first Nintendo DS game. The game was getting more and more popular because of this, and these are a few of the reasons why this year is still on the list.



    When you mention Old Club Penguin, people will almost certainly say 2009. This was, in my opinion, an excellent year for Club Penguin. You had some really solid parties, such as the Festival of Flight, and the game was receiving new merchandise. However, parties really made a difference in this year because it’s virtually the only reason why it’s still on this list.


    Honestly, this year was just fun. There were five new events, as well as the return of some really awesome parties. But is that enough to justify it’s stay on this very competitive list? I think that this is one of my favourite years, but many disagree. Regardless, it isn’t my favourite. it’s with regret that this is not the best year for Club Penguin.


    Sigh. The last good year of Club Penguin. You know, this year was just fun. There was interaction from the team and the players, there were great parties such as the Star Wars Takeover, the Hollywood Party and the trains at the Holiday Party and I think everyone enjoyed this year, regardless of the fact that it wasn’t old Club Penguin. We also got the app.




    I miss these years. But which one is the best? Parties is what made 2009, whereas the other years were not built solely on parties, which is why I must eliminate 2009.

    2008 or 2013? Merchandise or a fun, developed year?

    A fun developed year. I can’t believe I just typed that.

    1. 2013
    2. 2008
    3. 2009
    4. 2011
    5. 2010
    6. 2014
    7. 2007
    8. 2015
    9. 2006
    10. 2005
    11. 2016

    What exactly does that prove? Well, there’s two things that I’d really like to say.

    Firstly, 2013 is New Club Penguin. Granted, the next four places are old Club Penguin. But that proves that there is still hope that New Club Penguin could be a success, a game that we all love. I mean, making this lost was extremely emotional to write.


    If you want to read my full rant on the game, click here.

    I think something could possibly be learnt from this list. And I’m telling you, if Club Penguin wants Project Super Secret to be a success, they better learn quickly.

    Thank you Club Penguin

    I know I made a post over 1000 words long criticising you, but I think we all ought to remind ourselves of how much Club Penguin has positively impacted our lives. You know, a few days ago, a popular retired-ish blogger (it’s confusing. Semi-retired blogger) known as Trainman1405 posted this image.

    cvwsz32wgaemnwpIt made me realise how much Club Penguin has actually done to us. Pup1one’s finale, Goodbye Hello, was also an extremely powerful reminder of this. But I think we don’t just owe gratitude to Club Penguin for helping us with job skills, or entertaining us, or, in some cases which I’ve heard about, help stopping bullying and ending poverty. We also owe them for allowing us to meet others.

    Waddle around and meet new friends

    It’s amazing how little we know about each other, other than a cute penguin pixel. We’ve recently have some members of our community do voice reveals and face reveals, which I think is very interesting. It’s amazing how little we know about each other in this community, but that we’re still a community. In about two hours (at the time of writing) #CPReunion takes place, and I honestly can’t wait. Old moderators, old friends, old players, we’re all going to be there and I hope to see you there too (Marshmallow, 13:30 PST).

    Happy 11th Anniversary Club Penguin

    It’s been a rough three years.

    But here’s to another eleven.