Club Penguin Merchandise – What Did I Get?

Hey everyone,

A few days ago, I received a special package in the post. Today I’m going to be sharing what I got. However, first, I’m going to let you take a guess as this is an item which not many people have, though it’s not really an “exclusive” one.


You can probably make out a penguin there, and in fact it is Shadow Guy! Except this is his pin!


This pin is from the Mystery Pin 2 series that is pretty rare to find, even when they were in production due to the fact that the only official place to buy them was in Disneyland. As such, most of these pins are now fairly expensive on eBay, with the average one being about £7 to £10 so I’m pretty pleased to be able to own this pin.


Do you own a Mystery Pin? Would you like one? I think that they’re very cool but I do think that nowadays they are a bit pricy. Then again, aren’t all CLub Penguin merchandise?

Waddle on!



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