Project Super Secret Branding

Hey everyone,

Today we’re going to take a break from the usual posts because I’d like to show you something. So I was bored, and decided to play around a little bit. I came up with something quite cool, which I’ve decided to share with you today! It’s my idea on how the Project Super Secret branding could look like.


That makes me wonder, how will the branding actually be like? What will the advertising be like? I don’t know about you but the banner above gives me hope on our new island. I feel that it’s important that the official banner is able to do that too.


I think that it’s very important that Disney advertise this new game, especially in its early stages. It’s almost certain that they will capture both the older and the younger audience of Club Penguin however that won’t be enough. I hope to see TV adverts and the like because I reckon that the launch of Project Super Secret is going to be HUGE.

Waddle on!



  • Blue21102

    Nice edits! I totally agree with you and because a lot of effort and time is being put into this game, I am almost certain that they would brand it similar to what you were saying. I think that they would want TV adverts and maybe even Billboard adverts to show off the new game that they have been working on for ages.

    I definitely think that it would appeal to a lot of young people and because PSS is a new game, there should also be new merchandise to boost its birth. But who knows?

    • torres126

      Thank you! Yes, I hope so. The problem is, with all the lay-offs and such, how much money will Disney be prepared to invest into marketing and advertising?

      Merchandise would be ideal! I’ve talked about Emoji Pillows before, but the one thing we don’t know is if there’ll be any new characters, meaning that the merchandise would just be similar to before.

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