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    Birthday Reflections…

    Hi everyone! February 6th is my birthday (today, yay!), and as some older readers remember, I used to do a small post on this day reflecting on some things, whilst still being related to Club Penguin. I’ve been wanting to try that again this year! ūüéā

    I must say, the last few years have been rather remarkable, in a way which I don’t think that I appreciate at the time. I’ve formed new experiences all over the world, met wonderful new people (both online and offline) whilst, of course, not being immune to a variety of different struggles.

    Shadow Guy at Mt. Vesuvius, Italy – a place which I was fortunate enough to visit with my school in 2018! It’s a volcano that erupted in 79AD, destroying the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum

    But in a peculiar why, the peculiar thing about growing older is that you frequently end up feeling nostalgic over many of the things from when you’re younger. So just enjoy the moment whilst you still can, and I promise that some of the more negative aspects will fade!

    For example, I still remember when this music video was released in 2013 for the Anniversary Party. It doesn’t feel that long ago at all, but it’s hard to believe that it was actually over six years ago!

    To be honest, I don’t really remember how I constructed my old birthday posts – they were generally just compiled of favourite Club Penguin events. But I’ve been determined to give this a try again, even though this is a short post!

    Waddle on!

    -Torres 126

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    Birthday Week: Favourite Games

    Hey everyone,

    Two days ago, it was my birthday and I’d like to thank everyone for their birthday wishes! Just because my birthday is over, doesn’t mean that this series in which I reflect on my favourite Club Penguin memories is. Today I’m going to be discussing my favourite single player and multiplayer mini-games on Club Penguin.

    So firstly I’m going to start off with my favourite multiplayer game. I have always preferred games against other players rather than games that I have played myself. Some of you might know the answer to my favourite game since I leaked it in a discussion on sled racing being fake which you can read by clicking here. Anyway, if you don’t then let me announce that my favourite mini game is none other than…

    This has been my favourite ever since starting Club Penguin because, firstly, anyone could play regardless of membership! I also loved, and still love, playing it with friends however it’s not the same anymore. And no, that’s not because the Dojo changed.

    You see, back then you couldn’t buy cards with virtual money. You had to use real money and I ended up collecting a lot of cards. I still maintain a fair amount of my collection, but I have lost a lot of cards. My main account, Torres 126, had hundreds of cards, where as some people only had the starter deck. Next, you could buy power cards with virtual money. This did make me slightly annoyed, seeing how some users such as myself would have spent lots of real money when now you didn’t have to. You would also just get power cards. With a pack, you would get a mixture of cards and only one power card. This means that if you bought cards in real life, you’re going to have a bit of a disadvantage in Card-Jitsu fire.¬†Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about my cards. This is because I lost every last one of them when my penguin got a ban forever.

    Quick story time. On my birthday over three years ago, I received a few Card-Jitsu card packets. Just ordinary packets. However, one was not ordinary. There was always the risk of getting a “Golden Card” which was extremely rare. I probably got no more than five, maybe ten, and I bought loads of packs (not in aim to receive this card). There was one card in every eighteen packs. At least, that’s what Disney claimed there was. This birthday pack contained a Golden Card. What’s so special about this card? It could give you a few (I think 3) power cards which you did not have, though now you can get 3 power cards for 1500 coins. Or, you could use it to skip a belt. I remember using this card to become a brown belt.


    Either way, the gameplay of Card Jitsu is still awesome. I also like the other three types of Card Jitsu, though I do like challenging people and not monsters. The original remains my favourite game though. I still remember trying so hard to earn stamps and I managed to achieve all the stamps for Card Jitsu. I’m sure many of you would agree with me. Now for my favourite single-player game. It is…

    Cart Surfer! Firstly, it was great for coins. I did use a money maker which helped result in my ban, but when I actually played fair, this was a great way to get coins with my black puffle. Secondly, it was fun. When you repeatedly play games to earn coins, you do want to find the game enjoyable since the selection of games on the island is fairly limited. This game managed to do both for me.

    When I enjoy a mini-game, I want to collect the stamps for it. I didn’t manage to collect all the stamps, but I managed to collect quite a few. Once again, it disappointed me when I got banned and I haven’t tried to collect stamps since by stamp book got reset.

    What are your favourite games? Comment down below! Should you wish to read the rest of these “Birthday Week” posts, click here. I do think that next week will be the last birthday week post before I continue with my discussions and ideas, however that is not confirmed.

    Waddle on!


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    Birthday Week: My Favourite Event

    Hi everyone,

    In case you don’t know, today is my birthday (yay)! I thought that this would be a great time on reflecting how Club Penguin has made a large impact on my life, so I’m going to be going through some of my favourite things etc. I’ve been getting some positive feedback on this one-week series, which started off by talking about how I started Club Penguin, and I am really glad that you like reading about me and my experience with the game. If you haven’t already, click here to read it! Today I’m going to be letting you experience one of my most memorable events by being able to see pictures of the rooms, what we had to do, login screens and more. Without further ado, here is my favourite party.


    It is the Wilderness Expedition which was hosted in January of 2011! Expeditions and adventures have always been my favourite type of parties. What disappoints me is that there have only ever been four expeditions and I really want more, but none have been around for ages. I think Club Penguin could gain lots more players if they bring back these parties. Let me explain why.

    This was the party which we, penguins,¬†discovered the brown puffle and members could adopt them for free. There were LOADS of new rooms. What I liked was that it was actually an expedition. You had to do different things. These days, it’s repeating the same mini-game. Even when the Puffle Wilderness was discovered, you would be given answers if you were stuck. Back then, penguins gave each other answers and helped you. This is one of the two login screens for the party.


    The goal was to reach the brown puffle’s cave. To do this, you actually had to go through a maze first. Players would aid each other into finding the right way out. There were five brand new rooms as well as eight maze rooms, one maze room where the only option was to turn around and head back. This is an example of a room at the maze.

    Completing the maze was just the first part. After you completed the maze, you had to lower yourself down a cliff using a machine. But this wasn’t just descending after hitting a button. This was a proper puzzle. You had to hit a bunch of things all in a correct order in order to be able to proceed to the brown puffle. By saying a “bunch of things”, I mean you had to do twenty-seven things. Yup, that’s a lot more than what you would do in a party these days. Once again, the point of these expeditions is that players would work together to complete specific challenges. This was the machine you had to use.

    Expedition Cliff

    If you’re a new player, I would understand if you think that the brown puffle would be uncovered as soon as you descend down the cliff. Wrong! That was just another part of the expedition. The next part was actually building a boat because the brown puffle’s cave was on another island which you had to visit by going to sea. This was the point where the party became members only. Since we’re meant to be experiencing the party, if you’re a non-member then I’m afraid I’m that going to have to present you with this screen.¬†

    explore more!

    Only joking! Unfortunately even if you did get a membership, you wouldn’t be able to “Explore More” now since there have been no new expeditions for years! Once again though, getting a boat wasn’t something that just happened. I mean, this is an expedition! You had to build the boat yourself! All the parts were on an iceberg and you had to click each part in a specific order in order for the boat to be ready for sailing. Once you did that, you had to buy a lifejacket for fifty coins. This was the room before your boat was built.


    Once your boat was built, you would dock¬†in the land of the brown puffles (it was actually called the “bay”, but land of the brown puffles sounds better) after sailing through the ocean. You would also receive one of the stamps as there were two party/event stamps you could earn throughout the expedition. There was not much to do here, except enter the Brown Puffle Cave. As you can see from the picture below, the island is scattered with gears as the brown puffles likes building things.¬†


    You enter the brown puffle cave. Phew, you think. All that hard work with clicking buttons in the right order and going through a maze. Now I can just adopt my brown puffle and get my brown puffle house. WRONG! There was actually a note neatly hidden in the top left hand corner of the screen. Only when you clicked this note would you be able to get the puffle. Once you did click that disguised note, you would be able to adopt the brown puffle. Of course, now you can just go to the pet shop and get it but…


    In case you want to see some music or some really cool effects these rooms had, head over to our SWFs page by clicking here. Just have a look for “Wilderness Party” and “January 2011”. The page is categorised, so you should be able to find it quickly. I managed to find some interesting things on that page related to this party!

    I even remember getting 99, the maximum number of items you could have at that time, brown puffles house because, well, they were free! I have lots of good memories of this party which include working with friends to complete the expedition. I loved these expeditions and I am really hopeful Club Penguin do more. A few of my favourite other parties include the Holiday Parties. In particular, 2010-2013 as I don’t really remember much about the 2009 Holiday Party. After 2014, the Holiday Parties were not that good.

    What are your favourite parties? Do you want to see this party or some sort of expedition in the future? Leave a comment below! Thank you very much for reading this. You viewers have helped a lot to make me who I am, and I am now one year older than I was last year! I do intend to make one or two more birthday week type posts, so stay tuned

    Waddle on!




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    Birthday Week: Starting Club Penguin

    Hey everyone,

    On Saturday, it’ll be my birthday! Hooray! So, I considered a couple of options to do something special with this site and I thought that my birthday is a great time to reflect how Club Penguin has really changed my life. It is a game which was, and still¬†is, a large part of my childhood. So for roughly three or four posts, I’m going to go into detail into a few of my favourite things in Club Penguin and so on. Today I’m going to be discussing how I actually started Club Penguin, a game that would contribute to my future massively.¬†

    Surprisingly, it’s not how you would expect it to be. I didn’t just go onto Google for a couple of days and then stumble across Club Penguin which at the time, was a big game and it still is. Not many people know this but I actually came across it because of the DS games. Let me tell you a bit about my DS. The DS is a console created by Nintendo and at the time I had a Nintendo DSi XL although I now have a Nintendo 2DS. The DSi was released BEFORE the first ever iPad and at the time, it was the big thing for portable consoles and gaming. Don’t worry, I’m not going to get sidetracked by the DS or video games.

    So, over five years ago, I got the Club Penguin Nintendo DS game. It was a present from my grandmother but I forgot why I got it. At the time, I had no idea about Club Penguin as a virtual world. All I knew and thought was that it was just a DS game. I still have the game to date. This was the game, that would change my life forever.

    I probably really enjoyed this game that one day, I was sitting at the same computer I use to type this post with. I just decided to Google (maybe, I don’t remember what search browser I used back then) Club Penguin. Perhaps it was to find a walkthrough for the DS game as it consisted of missions which you would have to complete. Either way, you guessed what the top result was when you searched “Club Penguin”. I had just uncovered clubpenguin.com, and signing up all started with this very image.


    That is correct. I signed up on Club Penguin’s birthday, the 24th of October. This game looked so cool, so amazing, I couldn’t resist the urge to become a penguin. And so it happened. Torres 126 was born. Why that name, you may ask? Well, at the time, Fernando Torres was a player I¬†liked so I tried to name my penguin “Torres”. Obviously that was taken and it was recommended that I choose a different name and the option of Torres 126 was given to me. I took it. Eventually I got banned, but we will cover that in another post.¬†

    When you joint Club Penguin in the “olden days” of the game, you loved it. Immediately I started loving the game and I started playing mini-games. I remember that I loved Card-Jitsu in particular and I wanted new cards. Back in those times, cards could not be bought with virtual money. You had to go to a store and buy it with real money. There were numerous series of these and in the end, I started collecting them. Perhaps I will share some of my collection in a later Merchandise Memorial post.

    So I went to my local ToysRUs and back then, pretty much an aisle was dedicated to Club Penguin. I picked up a Card Jitsu tin but I also picked up a membership card. Best decision made yet. The membership was something that really made Club Penguin a whole lot better for me, as you would expect. In particular, I wanted this one item which was a member’s only item. I still remember getting it. This was, my first ever membership item for the world of Club Penguin (I think. It was certainly a puffle jacket of some kind).

    Slowly and slowly I started playing the game more and more, unlocking more stamps, adding new friends and a lot more. This was the start of my account. On Saturday I’ll be going to post a detailed post on my most memorable and favourite Club Penguin events. I hope you enjoy this series, even though it is only one week. Until then…

    Waddle on!