Club Penguin Mountains November Update Is Live!

Good evening, penguin pals!

I’m pleased to announce that the Club Penguin Mountains November Update is finally live! At first glance, you might not notice anything new other than the Music Jam header. I’ve done a lot of work behind-the-scenes, so let’s get right into the content which you can view today.

-New Puzzles

40% of you asked for new wordsearches, and I listened! I’ve completely scrapped the old design as they didn’t look very attractive and they were filled with watermarks. Instead, I offer you three new ones which have a much more attractive design and are also more fun! I’m also planning on adding even more puzzles in the future. Currently there are wordsearches on the rooms, mascots and former staff members.

Check them out: https://clubpenguinmountains.com/wordsearches

-Download GIFs

Club Penguin Mountains is proud to publish its exciting new catalogs of GIFs. Currently, we have 3 exclusive ones and many other ones. Maybe you’re looking to send some love, or you just want a dancing polar bear. You can send them to your friends or family, so highly suggest you browse through!

Download yours here: https://clubpenguinmountains.com/gifs/

-Earn Trophies

Ever wanted your name featured on our website? If you’re an author or you have won one of our games competitions, you can do so! Our new page is filled with trophies featuring many penguins! By the way, we’re hosting a tournament on Friday, so this is the perfect chance to get your name featured! Details can be viewed here.

Browse through trophies here: https://clubpenguinmountains.com/trophies/

-Answer the Daily Quiz

Starting from tomorrow, I’ll be posting a daily quiz on this website. There will usually be two fairly simple questions and one challenge in a quiz. At the end of each week, there’ll be a special quiz! It’s hard to explain, but you’ll see what I mean tomorrow!

-Goodbye GamesBot

Due to complications, we have decided to disable GamesBot from our chat. However, we do have recommendations of similar bots on the same server which we use. This, along with further details, can be found on our chat page.

Find out more: https://clubpenguinmountains.com/chat/

-Jolly Penguin Removed

At the moment, we do not want to be associated with Jolly Penguin and we have removed it from our sidebar.

This might not seem like much, but many hours of work went into this update! I really hope you enjoy it, and that you try the daily quizzes which will be coming out starting from tomorrow. Updates are unlikely to be monthly, but I prefer the idea of having all content come out on the same day rather than them coming out randomly. Do inform me of any suggestions you may have!

Thank you for reading!


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