Graphic Shop Update

Hey everyone,

Sorry to inform you, but I’m going to be away until the end of August. This means that I won’t have a computer to make graphics. As such, the free graphics shop is going to be closed until I return. You may still request graphics, but please be aware that I won’t make it for a while. I finished all other graphics yesterday. If it hasn’t been made, then it’s been deleted from our system.


One more thing I’d like to speak about is using your graphics. We are one of the few websites who make Club Penguin graphics for free. Due to this, we are often flooded by request. There’s nothing wrong in this, I don’t mind, but please do use the graphics you get and not just ask for graphics for the sake of it. If you’re banned for graphics, please don’t waste your time asking for them.

Until then, waddle on!



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