Community Appreciation – Day #24: Tech70

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the 24th day of Community Appreciation Month! Today I have chosen a well-known blogger, video-maker and a good friend who joined our island in 2010. His name is Tech70!


Tech70 is a really friendly person, like everyone who’s part of this series, who’s always willing to help you! This was one of the main reasons that heĀ achieved Penguin of the Week in November last year, along with his creative igloos and outfits.


Tech70 also has is own blog, which is “for the Club Penguin player, by the Club Penguin player”. Though he doesn’t post too often, his posts are detailed, unique and a pleasure to read. From discussions about important topics on our island such as bots and takeovers too fun stuff, like his Game On event which he hosted on Club Penguin, I would highly encourage you to check out his work. You can do so by clicking here.

Along with that, he also creates unique comedy videos on his YouTube channel. You may have seen two in my Penguin Screening post, but he’s created a dozen comedy videos as well as various walkthroughs for the Club Penguin app. He has 247 subscribers, so maybe this post could get him to at least 250?! You can view his channel by clicking here.

Before I conclude this post, I just want to say that at this point of time, I might be on a plane to Dj Stores. As such, fate has already been decided and other Community Appreciation posts have been scheduled. Other than that, I’d like to give a thank you to Tech70!

thank you

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