Community Appreciation – Day #26: Jdan1001

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the 26th day of Community Appreciation Month! There’s only four more days of me selecting penguins in this community. You may be wondering, why is that? July has 31 days! Well, let’s just say that there might be a special post on the final day. Possibly a giveaway…

Anyway, today I have chosen a well-known player in our community. His name s Jdan1001!


Jdan1001 is a really nice person in this community, and though he often disagrees with what I post, he doesn’t hate me, threaten me or anything like that. I really respect it when people do that, but his kindness isn’t the only reason I’ve chosen him for today.

I’d like you to imagine something. You have an idea. You want to host the biggest party on Club Penguin’s 10th Anniversary. You want the founders of Club Penguin, the retired moderators, the laid off moderators, the current moderators, absolutely everyone to come! Jdan1001 made #CPReunion a reality.

Now imagine that you want to create an event every day for an entire month, but have other players host it yet really want it to grow big. You want Megg to host it for a day. Jdan1001 made #31DaysofCP a reality.

I think you understand where I’m going here. Jdan1001 arranges for the biggest and most epic Club Penguin parties. In fact, here are a few screenshots I took at his event, which was an epic blast! He wants to recreate this event this year, except he hopes it will be bigger!

If you ever want to attend one of his meet-ups, I’d advise you to keep an eye on his blog, which you can do so by clicking here. He hosts a meet-up every Thursday which is always a big success. Jdan1001 is always bringing the community together, which is one of the reasons he achieved Penguin of the Week, along with his kindness!


thank you

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