Community Appreciation – Day #27: Echo006

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the 27th day of Community Appreciation Month! Today I have selected a person who I’ve known in the community for many, many years now, despite the fact that he left for a period of time. Fortunately, Echo006 is now back!


The reason why I’ve selected Echo is because I remember him being a great friend many years ago. I also remember enjoying reading his blog, which unfortunately he closed down. A few years later, Echo is still a great person to speak to and a great friend!

He is a dedicated member of the “peacekeepers” of our community. He tries his best to ensure that there is peace in the community, and unfortunately, there isn’t. I will be releasing a post on the drama (I might have done already – this is a scheduled post) soon, as I am aware of the things which I am causing.

Anyway, Echo is a great and kind person!

thank you


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