Community Appreciation Month Winners

Hey everyone,

It’s been an amazing month. Over the past month, I’ve featured some special members of the community and there are still MANY more people who I could feature. I’ve kept up to date with every single post, except three, which has been tiring work, but you guys have loved it! In fact, this month has been the most successful month for Club Penguin Mountains!

Don’t get me wrong, there have been downsides. I had to delete many Community Appreciation Posts, such as KingBoo8884 and Djspinner13 (who I regret doing now) but overall, I think this series has helped spread positivity throughout the community. I’d like to give a massive thank you for reading my posts, and you should know that I think every single person who’s reading this now should be appreciated. Now it’s time to give out some codes.

As a quick recap, there was a massive poll in which a bunch of blogs were featured. Only six made it through to the second round, and now it’s time to announce the winner. To remind ourselves, if the coin flips on a head, it’s a Treasure Book code. However, if it flips on tails, it’s FOUR Card Jitsu codes.


Now that we know that the prize is 4 Card Jitsu codes, it’s time to reveal the results. There have been over 150 votes counted throughout the contest. I’ve been cracking down hard on cheating and I’ve fortunately not found any whatsoever. I’ve even had some people requesting for there to be more polls like this, and I’m pleased to say that it’s likely your wish will come true!

In last place, we have The CP Glitch who received no votes.
In fifth place, we have Club Penguin Space who received 8% of the votes.
In fourth place, we have two blogs. Both Club Penguin Saady123 and Ping Ping in Club Penguin received 12% of the votes.

And, in second place…it’s The Blue Blog who earnt 16% of the votes!
Of course, that means Madzom8ie has won with a whopping 52% of the votes!

Congratulations Madzom8ie! Remember that you could’ve voted four times a day and the fans of Madzom8ie definitely used this to their advantage. I believe Madzom8ie was one of the only people who asked people to vote for him, and it worked out! You should receive your codes within twenty four hours.

Oh well, maybe I can use the Treasure Book code myself. Bye everyone!

I’m kidding. I still have a Treasure Book code left. What should I do with it? Well, I had an idea that I should give it to someone in the community…so I’ve decided to randomly select someone who I featured in my series. To ensure it goes to a reader of Club Penguin Mountains, I’m going to ask the winner to contact me within three days. That person is…


Congratulations Tech70! You’ve won a Treasure Book code! By contacting me, please also confirm that you agree to the Terms and Conditions. If I’m not contacted within three days, the code will be given to someone else.

Congratulations winners! Don’t forget that there are PLENTY of contests coming up soon. It’s been a great month and that couldn’t have happened without you, so thank you!

Waddle on!


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