Discussion: Bacon Cinnamon Roll Pin

Hey everyone,

Many weeks ago, Club Penguin got in a conversation with a leading bakery, Cinnabon. During all this drama, Club Penguin posted a pin which quickly caught the attention of the entire community, in particular, Bacon. The unreleased pin was the Bacon Cinnamon Roll pin, which looks like this:

bacon pin254

There have been many demands from the community for this to become a real pin. In this discussion, we shall analyse what the response was from Club Penguin and some other ludicrous suggestions from us, the players of the game. Let’s start of with the response.

Rumour has it that this pin cannot be added due to “healthy eating reasons”. To that I say, objection! Has Club Penguin forgotten about their previous pins? Here’s a few released pins to remind them.


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So, Club Penguin, how can you say that the Cinnamon Roll pin cannot be released for “eating healthy reasons” when you’ve released cotton candy pins, ice cream pins, chocolate pins. That’s just the start of my list! My point is that your reason is not a valid one but at least it’s not as crazy as some other things I’ve heard about this pin.

One player (Dj Stores) thought that it would be best if Club Penguin collaborated with Cinnabon to give this pin out whenever someone bought a bacon cinnamon roll in real life. I’m sorry, but that’s flat out discrimination. Buying bacon is forbidden by some religions, and the fact that Club Penguin would even consider making a pin exclusive for the people who do buy bacon? I would, no doubt, be less angry at the team for bringing back a Frozen Party for the third time.

Either way, it seems that Club Penguin should be able to make this a real pin and I’m not sure the real reason for why they’re not doing that.

Waddle on!



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