New author- Jad

Hey guys, today I checked my email and guess what… I got chosen to be a AUTHOR for CPM! Well, lemme introduce myself a little bit. There will be a picture provided with a little info about me. Well, before starting off I, I would like to thank Torres for this opportunity.


Okay, so lets go onto CJ. Well, I have been playing CJ for a long time on my other accounts and became a true ninja of all elements. I used to like CJ Snow, but now I like CJ Fire. I used to go onto server: Blizzard and play CJ Snow so much. I like it so much, that I even brought CJ cards. I used to play with my cousin.

Well, thanks for reading. I like to blog and hopefully make discussions for you people. Be sure to attend my party and as always, waddle on 🙂


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