Club Penguin in the News

Hey everyone,

So today I have a very different idea for a post. As you probably know, I’m away from a computer for a while so I came up with a really fun idea. I’m going to be Googling Club Penguin in the news and sharing some of the most interesting and funny results. With that being said, let’s get started!


Look! Get the press! Get Riyita! This is probably an article on Project Super Secret, right? Nope. This “new Club Penguin” is referring to Puffle Wild. Like, seriously? That’s clickbait!


WHAT? HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?! Have you ever had a Club Penguin account taken from you?! By the way, how is this even news? I mean, come on Google.

If anyone reading this uses Asianet Banking, I’d suggest finding a better bank who actually cares about your enjoyment and your Club Penguin account.


It all makes perfect sense now. That’s why colours are blocked by the chat filter!

By the way, this was written on The Daily Mail who also say that Moshing Monsters was negatively affected by this issue in a massive way. If you are a fan of Moshi Monsters, I feel sorry for you.

All six of you.


Let’s just move on, okay?


This article seems familiar. It’s the one which Club Penguin Mountains was featured in! By the way, massive shoutout to whoever sent in this website to the Metro. You’re awesome!

There’s some pretty interesting content when you search “Club Penguin” in the news. In fact, even a bunch of codes came up from fan blogs. Like, how does that deserve to be put in the same page as an official media outlet? Sorry that this post wasn’t very good. I was running out of ideas for posts which I can make from my tablet! I still hope you enjoyed reading though.

Waddle On!


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