Win 7+ Codes, Including Treasure Book Codes!

Have you ever wanted to win loads of codes, with the possibility of even winning membership codes? Well, look no further! Club Penguin Mountains is celebrating its third birthday this month and we’re going to host a massive celebration with tons of prizes!

The way that it is going to work is that there will be daily giveaways starting from the 20th of September to at least the birthday of Club Penguin Torres 126! You may be wondering how you can take part. Well, Club Penguin Mountains is doing a survey at the moment. At the end of the survey, there will be a code which you need to remember until the 20th of September! You can use this code to unlock a page which has a code on it! More details will be out very soon.

By filling out the survey, you agree to the terms listed below.

  1. You agree to the current Terms of Conditions
  2. You agree not to distribute any passwords to anyone.
  3. You agree that if you are banned from contests, you may not take part in this contest.
  4. You accept that we might have a counter on the page in which you insert the code. This will collect IP addresses however it will not collect names.
  5. You agree that these terms could change at any time before and after the 20th of September 2016.

Best of luck to everyone! I will be striving to ensure that most people get a code, even if that means giving out two codes a day. I’ll be changing the timezones each day to make it fair. For now, please fill out the survey!

Good luck!


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