Analysing the #ProjectSuperSecret Image in Island Insider

Hey everyone,

A few days ago, the first ever Island Insider was released! I thought that this video was extremely cool, and you can check it out on the official What’s New Blog! However, there was something that caught my eye. At approximately three minutes and twelve seconds, there’s an image which a staff member is holding. In case you missed it, here’s the image.


From this image, you can see that it looks really similar to the Project Super Secret art style and as such, I’m confident that this is another Project Super Secret sneak peek. However, we can’t really tell much from it because of the size, and the fact it’s zoomed out. That means we can’t really predict what exactly it is. Fear not!


This image is much more clear, but before I start making predictions at that actual building itself, let’s take a look at the things round the image. Despite it being really blury, I can make out three of the images around this building. This is probably better shown as an image rather than text.

image-on-pss1. The Lighthouse

You can very clearly see that the image is the Lighthouse. But why? Surely the lighthouse should be at the beach? Perhaps this hints that the building is in the Beach or to the right of the Beach.

2. Gameplay

The image looks extremely similar to gameplay which we have already seen. Perhaps this is an idea of the interior of the room?

3. Welcome Area

Perhaps this room will have a welcome area?


These are all just theories, but I wonder what else there is to know. Let me know your theories!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

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