Discussion- The End of Flash Club Penguin


Duck072Videos here, with my first Club Penguin discussion. In the YouTube video below, I will be looking at the end of flash Club Penguin. I theorize on when it will end and what should happen in the last few months of the game. Enjoy the video!

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  • Torres 126

    That was a great video! I remember someone said in the recent survey that we should do discussion videos, and I think that your one was really awesome!

    Spike Hike has suggested that #ProjectSuperSecret will actually come to desktop in the future and I would not be surprised if that happens by the time the domain expires.

    I think that the idea of having a party like the 10th Anniversary one would be great! It’d be a way to make the end of an era leave with a bang, and I’m sure it’ll bring back older players who previously quit. If they do come back then they’ll also know about Project Super Secret. I don’t know if that makes any sense…

    What really interests me is when it will end. All we’ve been told is “early 2017”, but the game already looks solid!

    By the way, you and Jad are both welcome to post without approval by me. You’re both authors! It’s just that in Jad’s application, he said that he’d show me the posts before he uploads them. But having seen a few of his posts and your posts, I’m really confident in both of you. I don’t want to make it seem like I’m a “boss” because I really don’t want to be. This is meant to be something we all enjoy and have fun doing!

    Thank you! 🙂

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